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Butterfly Lady brings monarchs to retirement homes

The “Butterfly Lady,” Charlotte Letkemann, brought her monarch butterflies in various stages of transformation to Upper Canada Lodge on Tuesday for a quick talk in the library, “to bring the outdoors in,” she said.

“While I was there, one of the caterpillars that was hanging from a stick. He shed his final skin and turned into a chrysalis before our very eyes. It was remarkable,” Letkemann said.

For the last couple of years she said she has been visiting various retirement homes in town to give residents a connection to nature, she said. About 12 or 15 residents were in attendance to witness and ask questions about the monarchs' transformation.

She said two had emerged from their chrysalis just minutes before she left home on Tuesday morning.

“They don’t fly for the first few hours or so. They were able to release those after I left,” she said.

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