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May. 20, 2022 | Friday
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Hometown artists are among 60 featured at Pumphouse Art Show
Cheryl Chiarelli mines for crystals that she uses in jewelry creation. (Supplied)

Contrasting textures meet at the Pumphouse’s two-day art show in August, where NOTL artists will showcase handcrafted crystal jewelry adjacent to soft-sculptured bears, surrounded by many other artistic mediums on display.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Aug. 3 and 4, Cheryl Chiarelli will bring her passion for creating crystal jewelry to the show and sale, while Susan Mckay will showcase her more than 35 bears, which have been skilfully created with Angora goat mohair and other fibres.

Chiarelli and Mckay are two of the five NOTL residents who will showcase their art during the Pumphouse art show. Julia Kane, Ann Marie Foster and Marie Landoni will also have their works on display.

Creating wearable art and handling crystals has always brought Chiarelli a sense of calm, she said, adding that she was happy to be able to turn that hobby into a side business, which she calls Coconut Quartz.

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been playing around with jewelry and tearing apart old stuff and making it new again. And I loved crystals back then,” she said.

This is her second year participating in the Pumphouse’s art show. It has provided a space to bring her love for creating beautiful things to NOTL residents, she said, as one of more than 60 artists who will be showcasing and selling their work at the beginning of August.

Mckay said before she began creating the bears, she collected them for many years. Eventually, she took a workshop that taught her how to make the soft-sculptured bears, and she said it was a slippery slope from there.

“My husband thought, “Well, this is great, she’ll spend more money on the workshop and less collecting the bears.” With the cost of the mohair and all of the equipment, I would have been better off collecting,” Mckay said.

She kept up the hobby, though, using it as a form of stress relief, she said.

“Initially it was a great stress relief … to divert completely from the academic to the creative. It was almost like a yoga meditative class, but it would last a lot longer because it would take me a lot longer to create the bears.”

The art show will also feature food by Waterfront Bistro and Bar and Bar N Bar B Que by PigOut Catering. Wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase, and Trains Coffee will be onsite with gourmet coffee.

The Walker Industries Art competition will conclude on Sunday, with an award ceremony at 3 p.m. in which all three winners of the competition will be awarded their prizes.