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Monday, April 15, 2024
Editorial: Embrace the positive – yea

In the spirit of positivity espoused by Niagara-on-the-Lake author Steve Bushnik, featured this week in a story on Page 12, let’s raise a cheer to more of the good things we see, hear and report on in our community, many of which you will only find in The Lake Report.

YEA to Bushnik for standing up to bullying and improper behaviour, and for calling it out when he encounters it in our community. Yes, bullies and ethically challenged behaviour are the exception, not the rule. But don’t let them go unchallenged.

YEA to the town, province and the Niagara Nursery School for finding a way to build a new $1.5 million facility that families in NOTL desperately need. But NAY, or at least, WHY? is it slated to be built on east side of the community centre? There seems to be plenty of room on the west side, where it might be less-obtrusive and likely safer, tucked away from neighbourhood streets.

YEA to the NOTL Public Library for coming up with innovative ways to encourage kids to read books this summer. Beads are #brilliant.

YEA to Willow Cakes and Pastries owner Catherine O’Donnell and her staff for once again treating NOTL to a giant birthday cake to celebrate Canada Day. And Willow’s 15th anniversary.

YEA to the Friends of St. Davids, a new group, that with its fun and social events is already establishing itself as an important cog in community life for residents. Porchetta? Mmmmm.

YEA to Music Niagara and its generous supporters for raising $40,000 for the organization at its Big Night gala on Saturday.

YEA to the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake for its salute to seniors with the annual Strawberry Social. And kudos to all the volunteers, staff and area businesses that support this delicous event.

YEA to pets and pet lovers: To Tucker the hero dog who saved his family and to the late Thomas the cat, a fixture at Pet Valu in Virgil for many years.

YEA to the residents of Niagara on the Green and staff and students of Niagara College for taking it upon themselves to clean up their neighbourhood after our long, long winter.

YEA to Brock University for partnering with municipalities in Niagara to come up with ways to adapt to the problems created by climate change. Yes, it’s real, and as Hermine Steinberg says on page 6, it’s time for real action.

YEA to Pillitteri Estates Winery for doing NOTL and Canada proud through its new partnership as the official wine supplier to the Canadian Olympic Committee. Cheers to that!

YEA to the federal government for investing in our area’s wine infrastructure to help NOTL grape growers cultivate vines that are free of dangerous viruses.

YEA to the Toronto Raptors for giving Toronto and the rest of Canada something so positive to cheer about and feel good about. AND to Kawhi Leonard for taking time on Tuesday to visit Niagara Falls and then follow it up with a quiet, private dinner at Two Sisters Winery here in NOTL. Come back again soon.


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