9.1 C
Niagara Falls
Saturday, April 20, 2024
First Step Challenge winners announced

As of Wednesday morning, NOTL steppers collectively had reached 14,856,000 steps – 169 per cent of the initial target for the town-wide June Step Challenge.

Winners for best/most creative names from week one: “Illwalkforwine” was best individual name and won a $10 Dollarama. The four team members of “CirquedeSoreLegs” each won $10 Harvest Barn NOTL gift cards.

Week two prizes were awarded to two individuals or teams who averaged 5,000 steps a day and chosen by a draw. Individual winners were “ruthless_1944’ and “steplager.” Team winners: “The Nottage” and “Back House Boyz.” All received chimney cakes from the Budapest Bakeshop.

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