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Niagara Falls
Sunday, April 14, 2024
Janice Thomson named new CEO of Niagara Falls Tourism

Janice Thomson is taking her drive for high-quality leadership to Niagara Falls Tourism as the president and CEO, after an 18-year tenure at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Excited at the prospect of bringing her experience and success in NOTL’s tourism to Niagara Falls, she said she was eager for the opportunity.

“Just looking at the dynamic environment in the Falls and the fact that it is Canada’s national tourism treasure, it appealed to me to make that move,” Thomson said in an interview.

She will leave her job as president of the NOTL chamber effective May 15.

Thomson said that had she been asked a year ago if she would leave her high-profile post in NOTL, her answer would have been no, she was happy in her chamber role.

“It’s interesting how you can see new opportunities. I think we’ve built a very strong tourism career here.”

Chamber of Commerce board chair Paul MacIntyre praised Thomson, saying, “Janice is a true professional and champion of Niagara-on-the-Lake. We thank her for all her inspiration over her term and of course all the remarkable achievements that she led at the chamber.”

“She has been a true ambassador to every guest, new business or existing member in need of help,” he said in a statement.

Among many accomplishments during Thomson’s tenure, MacIntyre noted that chamber membership doubled, new events like the White Effects dinner and Shades of Summer dinner were established, and the chamber took a leadership role on issues related to NOTL business growth and development.

Proud of what she did at the chamber over her career, Thomson said its members and partners should be proud as well.

“We’ve done a lot at the chamber to build a brand name of Niagara-on-the-Lake.”

Her biggest takeaway from her career at the chamber is the effectiveness of working with partners, she said.

“In this industry, within tourism, there are a lot of people who make major investments, in infrastructure, in property, in service and attractions … Finding common projects that people can work together on and then see that there’s an uplift for everyone in the industry,” she said.

In a statement issued by the chamber to announce her departure, Thomson said, “I am approaching my new opportunity to serve as president and CEO of Niagara Falls Tourism with great enthusiasm and energy and am looking forward to working with the board, staff and member businesses of Niagara Falls Tourism to optimize the destination’s success in maintaining a strong and sustainable leadership position within tourism in Canada.”

The NOTL chamber will be conducting an executive search to fill the role of president.

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