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May. 11, 2021 | Tuesday
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Town to restrict heavy vehicles in Heritage District
Front-Simcoe intersection sees lots of traffic but doesn't have any heavy vehicle restrictions. (Dariya Baiguzhiyeva/Niagara Now)

Despite rejecting a staff report last week, Niagara-on-the-Lake’s council approved two recommendations regarding heavy vehicles coming into the Heritage District.

At their meeting Monday, councillors passed two staff recommendations. One directs town staff to prepare a heavy vehicle bylaw based on a maximum registered gross weight and the other calls for installation of signs warning about the weight restriction.

A third recommendation, allowing staff to monitor the Front-Simcoe intersection to determine if parking spaces on that corner need to be removed, was defeated by council.

Residents’ complaints about an increasing incursion of tour buses and the negative impact of buses on the environment prompted town staff to look for the solutions for how to deal with a flow of heavy vehicles coming into the Heritage District.

At the council meeting, Coun. Gary Burroughs expressed hopes that, if passed, the bylaw would be applicable to Queenston as well.

 He said one street in Queenston saw 84 buses in one day last year.

“Our roads in Queenston are not built to take that kind of traffic,” he said. “So, if the weight issue goes through, I hope it’s also applied to Queenston.”

Sheldon Randall, the town’s director of operations, said the staff report is only dealing with the Old Town at this time.

“If we approve it as is, we will report back and then we can add to the report and we can let you know about any other areas of concern within the town,” he said.

In response to Coun. Wendy Cheropita’s question regarding buses coming down Front and Simcoe streets, Randall said delivery trucks, buses coming into town with a specific point of business or buses dropping people off will still be allowed regardless of the restriction.

“It’s just buses that are just willy-nilly, floating around town. That’s what we’re trying to prevent from happening,” Randall told council.