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Evolve Wellness Studio opens in Virgil


When Jill Saxton learned her clients were looking for alternative solutions for weight loss, she knew she had to introduce something different at her new Niagara-on-the-Lake wellness centre.

So, Evolve Wellness Studio Ltd., at 1561 Niagara Stone Rd., near the new Virgil LCBO, offers Verju laser treatment, floatation therapy and an infrared sauna.

“I understand that people have to take medications for certain illnesses but there are alternatives to a lot of that,” said Saxton, one of Evolve’s owners.

The business held its grand opening Saturday afternoon. Around 60 to 70 people stopped by the new studio on an opening day to check out its therapy services.

“We wanted to open up a wellness centre for the community,” said Saxton, who has been preparing for the opening for the last four to five months.

Verju laser provides body contouring, targets cellulite and helps with weight loss, said Marlana Saxton, Jill’s daughter and one of the studio’s co-founders.

Jill, who has been in the wellness business for over 15 years, said one laser treatment might not be enough for weight loss.

“I don’t want to misguide anybody to think that they’re going to come and lay down…one treatment – magically they disappear. That’s not the case,” said Jill. “A minimum of six treatments is required.”

Being into alternative services, the mother-daughter duo also decided to go with an infrared sauna opposed to a traditional steamy one.

“(The sauna) basically detoxes you from the inside out,” said Marlana.

As for floatation therapy, it helps with insomnia and anxiety as well as providing magnesium to people who might be lacking it, said Marlana.

Evolve’s floating tank is filled with 850 pounds of epsom salt, which allows customers to stay afloat for 60 minutes in a dark and soundproof room.

Marlana said athletes often use float tanks for muscle recovery.  

“I’m just super excited for everyone to get to learn and go through floatation therapy and infrared sauna,” she added. “It’s alternative medicine, just really excited about that part.”

Billy Saxton, Jill’s son and Marlana’s brother, will join the team to provide massage therapy after he graduates from the Ontario College for Health and Technology next month.

Lord Mayor Betty Disero stopped by the studio to present the Saxtons with a certificate and to congratulate them on their grand opening.

“For me, it’s particularly important because the priorities of the town this term is all about community wellness and providing services to the community,” Disero told The Lake Report. “And certainly I’ll be coming in for anti-stress treatment.”

Evolve Wellness Studio Ltd. is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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