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Monday, April 15, 2024
Non-compliant B&B owners get extension

Niagara-on-the-Lake council voted to give one last chance to non-compliant bed and breakfast owners before revoking their licences.

At the council meeting Monday night, Coun. Allan Bisback said he supports revoking licences but asked town staff to give the owners one final contact.

Short-term rental operators are supposed to pay licence fees and renew insurance certificates by Dec. 31.

Last week, the town’s committee of the whole voted to revoke 56 bed and breakfast licences for failing to do so.

The number dropped significantly, down to a total of 14 owners, after town staff made contact with the owners over the past week. Nine of them have an expired certificate of insurance and five haven’t paid licence fees. 

“This would be a record year of licences we will revoke,” said Bisback. “That’s very high. So when I see that, that suggests there’s a process issue going on, something’s wrong.”

He suggested giving bed and breakfast owners 30 more days to comply.

Coun. Erwin Wiens spoke against the extension, arguing the rules need to be followed.

“If it’s not important enough for them to follow through and do what they’re supposed to do to get the stuff done, then why is it our problem to start sending them letters and emails and begging them to do this?” he said. “I’m getting emotional here but I’m getting tired of it.”

Council voted to contact the owners and give them 30 days before revoking their licences.

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