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Second confirmed case of carfentanil in Niagara, police warn

Though the case dates back to May of this year, police are warning the public they've confirmed the deadly and powerful opioid carfentanil is in Niagara.

Niagara Regional Police said in release Wednesday that they’ve confirmed an overdose death which occurred in May in Niagara was related to the opioid, which is 100 times stronger than Fentanyl and 10,000 times stronger than morphine. It’s so powerful that a portion about the size of a grain of salt is likely to kill the average adult.

Police say they would like to make residents aware that carfentanil is here in Niagara and is often mixed with many other street drugs without the buyers knowledge.

They encourage all residents, parents and families to open a discussion about the dangers of opioids and how to handle an overdose situation.

Police say the most important thing to do is call 911 immediately. Emergency medical dispatchers can provide lifesaving instructions over the phone until paramedics arrive, said police.

Naloxone, a drug used to revive somebody from an opioid overdose, is available for free at Positive Living Niagara or with a health card at participating pharmacies in Niagara. The medication comes in a kit and can be administered by anyone who has some basic training, police say.

They say the Niagara Opioid Prevention and Communication Network is currently focusing on a response to opioid issues in our community, using a “four-pillar” approach that focuses on enforcement, prevention, harm reduction and treatment.

For more information about opioids or where to get a Naloxone kit you can visit, niagararegion.ca/living/health_wellness/alc-sub-abuse/drugs/overdose-prevention.aspx and facethefentanyl.ca.

Police said no further details of the overdose incident will be released out of respect for the family of the deceased, as well as medical privacy laws.

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