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Brock viticulture lecture series back for 12th year

The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) Lecture Series is back for its 12th year, giving people from around the world access to Brock University’s leading grape and wine research.

Ten speakers from across CCOVI’s network of researchers, scientists, fellows and professional affiliates are participating in this year’s series.

Topics will span a wide range, from the latest research on grapevine hardiness to climate change in Canadian vineyards and the consumer psychology behind wine. The series will also bring in two Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers from British Columbia to share their latest findings.

The CCOVI Lecture Series began in 2007 and has become a highly anticipated event both locally and for those tuning in remotely through livestreaming.

“We are pleased to once again bring the latest in grape and wine research into the hands of grape growers and winemakers,” said CCOVI Director Debbie Inglis. “Sharing knowledge and providing outreach opportunities like the lecture series is an important part of CCOVI’s mandate and is of tremendous benefit to our industry and our students.”

The free lectures, which are open to the public, begin Monday, Jan. 14 and take place in room H313 of the Mackenzie Chown Complex at Brock University. The lectures are open to the public and typically begin at 2 p.m., aside from the opening lecture Jan. 14, which will begin at 2:30.

The lectures can be viewed live online and can be downloaded following each event by visiting the by visiting the CCOVI Lecture Series website.

2019 CCOVI Lecture Series

Jan. 14: Don Cyr, Professor of Finance, Goodman School of Business, Brock University — “Who is the natural heir to Robert Parker in the en primeur wine market?”
*Special time of 2:30 p.m.

Jan. 21: Ronald Jackson, Wine Writer and Author — “Carbonic maceration: Modern version of a Neolithic wine?”

Jan. 28: Jim Willwerth, CCOVI Senior Viticulturist, Brock University — “Evaluation of plant material as an adaptation strategy to climate change in Canadian vineyards.”

Feb. 4: Andy Reynolds, Professor of Biological Sciences/Viticulture, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Brock University — “Frozen materials other than grapes — explaining the aroma chemistry behind unwanted floral characteristics in red wines.”

Feb. 11: Pat Bowen, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Summerland Research and Development Centre — “Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3: Effects on Cabernet Franc vine performance and wine quality.”

And Carl Bogdanoff, Viticulture Biologist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Summerland Research and Development Centre — “Varietal differences in grapevine hardiness — buds, canes and roots.”

Feb. 25: Sudarsana Poojari, CCOVI Senior Virologist, Brock University — “Current advances in understanding grapevine virus diseases.”

Mar. 4: TBA

Mar. 11: Belinda Kemp, CCOVI Senior Oenologist, Brock University — “Communicating scientific research to grape growers and winemakers.”

Mar. 18: Antonia Mantonakis, Associate Professor of Marketing, Goodman School of Business, Brock University — The consumer psychology behind wine choices.”

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