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Parking meters may be installed in Old Town

The town of NOTL previously planned for road reconstruction and paid meters to be installed along Byron Street. Those plans were deferred to the 2019 budget.

According to page 51 of the capital budget, council approved the installation of parking meters along Byron, between King and Wellington streets, though the budget of $110,000 still needs to be approved.

The budget also doesn’t specify how many parking meters would be installed.

Members of St. Mark’s Church and other community members opposed the decision to install the new road, according to Coun. Allan Bisback.

“I believe there was concern about curbs and gutters that local folks didn’t want,” he said.

Some residents believe a new road could damage nearby trees and ruin the streetscape.

But not all residents feel that way. Local Alicia Farinacci thinks Old Town needs to stay consistent with its heritage, though the road needs to be updated.

“I think people are so focused on how Old Town looks, that they don’t realize what it needs, and Byron Street definitely needs an update,” she said.

The parking along the road is gravel and not ideal for parking lower cars, according to Farinacci.

Both Coun. Allan Bisback and Farinacci think it would be best for the Town to repave the road before installing parking meters.

“I would assume any paving would be in coordination with putting in the parking meters,” said Bisback.

He spoke to the director of operations and confirmed there are plans to mill Byron Street and pave the roadway.

Operation staff will be holding an open house this year and a full information report is to be provided to council in the near future.


This story has been edited to remove statements from former town councillor Paolo Miele and to note parking meters have been installed but the budget itself hasn't.

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