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Queen’s Landing working on new outdoor wedding venue

The Queen’s Landing hotel is creating an outdoor venue beside its current property.

It purchased the two lots beside the hotel two years ago, according to Lily Kszan, general manager of the hotel.

King’s Point resident Catherine Cornell says she noticed the changes while on a walk, but couldn’t find answers to what was going on.

“Now that the trees are bare, the large white pergola at the hill’s edge is very visible from below on Ricardo Street,” she says. “We believe it is a new structure. We went up the hill to investigate, and saw the new stone steps linking the two vacant properties to the Queen’s Landing front parking area.”

The space will be used for wedding ceremonies, specifically for brides who are having their reception at the hotel, says Kszan. It will also be used for wedding receptions.

Some concerns from local residents include late night noise, but if they follow the current noise bylaw, Queen’s Landing has their support.

“As long as the dance music doesn’t go beyond 11 p.m., we are okay with it,” says Cornell. “We already get the wedding reception music from the events held at Navy Hall on the south side of King’s Point.”

The project isn’t new and has been in the works for some time but is expected to be completed by spring of this year.

“We have been talking about the need for outdoor wedding space for years,” says Kszan. “The ability to do it overlooking the Niagara River is perfect.”

It will be a completely fenced in area with two sections, she says. The lower area will be for pre-ceremony cocktails and the main event will be held in the upper area.

“The bride and groom will be showcased on a beautiful white pergola overlooking the magnificent Niagara River on the larger main section of the property,” according to Kszan.

The space will be able to accommodate 250 people and the hotel is accepting reservations now.

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