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Garrison Village man hopes fellow dog owner will come forward after vicious attack

Joel Donaghy is hoping a man whose dog attacked his dog on Dec. 18 will come forward and take responsibility for the incident — or at the very least apologize.

Donaghy, whose house backs onto a park in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Garrison Village, had just opened his gate to take his three terrier-poodles for a walk, when a larger black dog attacked his dog Poppy.

“The dog wouldn’t release its grip,” said Donaghy, clearly emotional about the incident.

Once the attacking dog did let up, Donaghy picked Poppy up in a panic and brought her immediately inside the house.

By the time Donaghy went back out to confront the man, he and dog had fled the scene.

Poppy ended up with 22 stitches in her side, and according to Donaghy, the vet said she was lucky to have survived.

Now Donaghy says he’s doing what he can to try and track the man down, especially since he hasn’t come forward.

“He knows where I live,” Donaghy said.

Donaghy didn't get a good look at the dog owner, but said the dog was large and looked similar to a schnauzer or a bouvier des flandres, with “beautiful black fur.”

Both dogs were off-leash during the incident. Donaghy says most dog owners in the area know they’re responsible for their pets, whether on or off leash.

Poppy is currently resting up at home and in good spirits, and Donaghy said he’s contacted local animal control and encourages anyone who may know something about the incident to report it.


This story has been updated to include a more accurate description of the attacking dog.

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