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Niagara Regional Police host open house to discuss increase in break-and-enters

Fort Erie residents got the chance to hear from the Niagara Regional Police last Thursday regarding the town’s recent break-in problem.

Residents packed the council chambers for the open house, with many forced to stand outside the doorway of the chambers and listen in.

Fort Erie’s acting Staff Sergeant James Davies said police have been investigating a series of break-ins throughout the town since October, and that 12 arrests have been made so far, with one as recent as Nov. 29.

The robberies are happening at all times of day, he said, with thieves often using the same method to gain entry into the homes.

He said the intruder will knock on the home’s front door for as many as three minutes. “If there is no movement in the house, they’ll come to the rear of the home and knock, knock, knock for another minute or two to confirm their suspicions that no one is home.”

Davies urged residents to report any suspicious behaviour and gave a list of tips to help prevent crimes in the future.

“We would rather take 10 suspicious person calls and it’s just the mailman,” he said. “We don’t want to miss the opportunity to catch someone.”

Police provided prevention tips including using motion sensor lights, ensuring car, doors and windows are locked, and restraining from advertising your vacations on social media, so potential intruders don’t know when you’re away.

Suspicious behaviour can be reported to police by calling 905-688-4111.

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