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Burroughs, Darte ask regional council to look after NOTL

With the last term of Regional council wrapped up, outgoing councillors, including Gary Burroughs and Pat Darte, had a chance to say their goodbyes.

Burroughs, after 18 years of guarding Niagara-on-the-Lake interests at the Region, used his time to ask councillors to keep an eye on his concernsfor the small municipality with little political clout.

He has spent 18 years on Regional council, beginning with10 years as lord mayor, he said.He also spent his first 10 years sitting on the board of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, an organization he loved and was a wonderful start to his relationship with Regional council. Those who know him understand his devotion to the environment, and therefore the other special issues that became the causes he took to heart: garbage, sewage treatment and the Mewburn Bridge.”They all relate to the environment, and my take onwhat they are doing to the environment.I hope this council keeps track of the environment.”

“Starting down the road” to bringing the GO Train to Niagara was exciting, and he particularly enjoyed Niagara Week in Toronto to promote the region, which was a “great team effort. Although it has been discontinued, he suggested it’s a worthwhile undertaking that could be re-introduced.

Burroughs wished returning and new councillors the best, and said he looks forward to working with some of them, “still on garbage, sewage and the Mewburn Bridge.”

Darte thanked those who “nurtured” him and werepatient with him as a rookie politician, and those NOTL residents with a “positive attitude” who supported him overthe last four years. He said his spot at the Region “was a fun place to be” and also offered to help those he worked with on Regional council any time he could.

He beseeched those remaining on council, along with staff,to look after the Glendale area, which is the site of an ambitious Regional study determining future development of that community.”This is going to be a big, big,big change for NOTL. Please take care of them.”

He also urged incoming NOTL Regional councillor Gary Zalepa, on hand to witness the last Regional meeting of the outgoing council, to pay special attention to the Glendale project.

“Make sure it gets done properly. It’s a big opportunity for Niagara-on-the-Lake, but it has to be done right.”

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