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NRP services board thanked for support of NPC police
Niagara Regional Police/File photo/The Lake Report

Janice Thomson, chair of the Niagara Parks Commission, took the opportunity of having the Niagara Region Police Services board meeting in Niagara-on-the-Lake last week to thank members for their support of the Niagara Parks police.

“I would like to thank you enormously on behalf of the Niagara Parks Commission for your continued ongoing strong oversight of the Niagara Parks police, and for your support of the existence of the Niagara Parks police as a policing force within Niagara Parks Commission,” she said, addressing board members.

“The work they do is extraordinary and the breadth of the work they do is incredible.”

With the large number of visitors to the area covered by the NPC police, “it's a lot of people they are providing safety and security for and I appreciate the support of this police board, and that you have continued to support the Niagara Parks police and the work they do,” said Thomson.

“If I could make a general statement regarding policing in Niagara, through my role at Niagara Parks I've had the opportunity to be exposed to a lot of the individuals who provide these services for us, and when I hear the words services or resources it sounds so clinical and technical, when in fact these are real live human beings, with families and supporters and people behind them. We're very fortunate to have these dedicated and highly trained professionals with great integrity—that has been my experience and my observation and I'm very proud to be part of that.”

Following the meeting, Thomson said the police receive criticism often enough but she feels they aren't likely to get the credit they deserve for the work they do, and she wanted to take the opportunty to thank them.

With more than 125 years of experience serving the needs of the tourism community, the Niagara Parks Police service patrols 3,274 acres of parkland along the Niagara River Parkway between the towns of NOTL and Fort Erie. Their headquarters are located across from the American Falls in Queen Victoria Park.

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