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Monday, April 15, 2024
NOTL lawn sign wars ramp up

According to a resident who lives in St. Davids near Cannery Park and Concession 3, a political sign was removed from her lawn and replaced with another candidate’s sign.

The resident, who asked not to be named, said while she was out of town, somebody removed a Daniel Turner sign, left it beside her garage and replaced it with a Betty Disero sign.

Turner said he discovered the scenario after driving by the house and noticing the owner had apparently switched sides. He said he stopped in to have a quick chat and collect his sign, when he was told of the situation.

The resident, after the confusion, has decided she will no longer be letting anybody put signs on her property.

She said she had attended a candidate meeting in Queenston and had told candidates they could put signs up on her lawn if they desired, though she didn’t expect any signs to be removed.

“I said they could all put signs up there,” she said.

The resident said now she’s going to save herself the hassle by not having anything displayed.

“I already know who I’m voting for,” she said.

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