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Proxy voting in Niagara

There are three ways to vote in the upcoming municipal elections: You can cast a ballot on election day, vote in an advance poll, or use a voting proxy at either.

How does one appoint a voting proxy? First, complete the Appointment for Voting Proxy, Form 3, in the Voter’s Guide at niagaravotes.ca. The form is also available from your local municipal clerk’s office — including on voting day.

Proxy appointees must have Form 3 signed by their appointing voter, and then they bring it to their municipal clerk’s office. The clerk determines whether the voter who appointed a proxy is entitled to do so, and that the person appointed is entitled to act as a proxy. Once they’re certified, the proxy appointment presents at the appropriate voting location.

“We recommend that anyone voting as a proxy, do so during the advance voting dates of your municipality to allow for the additional time required to process the proxy,” said Amber LaPointe, Manager of Legislative Services / City Clerk, City of Port Colborne.

Niagara citizens can represent only one person as a proxy, unless they are related. Relatives can represent several family members (which include spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents and grandchildren).

The 2018 Municipal and School Board Elections take place on Oct. 22, 2018.

Proxy voting is available in all Niagara municipalities with the exception of the Town of Grimsby.

More information can be found at niagaravotes.ca.

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