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SPONSORED: Jolie offers cutting edge services in a holistic sanctuary
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Clients have been raving about the differences they notice after their non-invasive facial treatments.


While many medical aesthetic spas and salons offering beauty treatments are opening up, what differentiates the best in class are the values, ethics and personal touches behind them.

Lisa Stevenson, nurse, certifying lymphatic therapist and facialist, started Jolie Holistic Medical Aesthetics in 2019 with the intention of having a space that offers both Eastern ancient beauty techniques as well as modern cutting-edge noninvasive technology.

You do not find this type of enhanced offering in typical clinics that focus on primarily on Botox or filler. While these modalities are respectable in their own regard, Lisa focuses on combining treatments that address the root cause of aging with non-invasive treatments, with the option of injecting as a last resort.

The treatments range from nervous-system resetting facials to microcurrent sculpting to collagen stimulating microneedling. One of the most popular treatments is the Buccal Massage Facial. Jolie HMA was the first to offer buccal massage in the Niagara Region, with the original intention of providing a sculpting effect for those that do not want to undergo needles.

The benefits include helping those with TMJ pain, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and creating a lift in the face. The Buccal Massage will have the option of coupling it with the newest anti-aging modality, microcurrent via Neurotris. In terms of non-invasive beauty alternatives, this device has cutting-edge technology to tone the muscles of the face, tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. See the before and after pictures on the right.

Clients have been raving about the differences they notice after their non-invasive facial treatments. One NOTL local said, “I am usually pretty skeptical about everything, but I really enjoyed my experience and feel that I have noticed a difference after just the one treatment.” The treatment was a buccal massage and microcurrent treatment, where the client also commented that, “it felt like more than just your regular facial, it was more of a treatment.”

Lisa curated her treatment menu to match her mission of providing treatments that help clients radiate their confidence. It is often echoed in the treatment room, “I look like my best self.” The treatments have been carefully designed to work on your body on a holistic level and provide prevention options to slow down the visible aging process.

Other treatments are holistic facials, microneedling, mesotherapy, chemical peels, botox, vitamin IVs, and PRP for skin and hair restoration. Visit the website for a complete service menu, or contact Lisa to set up an appointment to start your journey to skin confidence.

Mention this article and receive 15 per cent off during the month of March. Seniors (55+) will receive an exclusive discount of 20 per cent off their first treatment during March. The discounts cannot be combined.

Contact Jolie Holistic Medical Aesthetics at 289-257-6886 and online at jolieholisticmedicalaesthetics.com. We are located at 6652 Jupiter Blvd. in Niagara Falls.

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