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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Lake Report partners with The Pointer investigative news site
The Pointer and The Lake Report are partnering to bring more investigative news to Niagara readers.

The Lake Report and its news website NiagaraNow.com have teamed up with an investigative journalism publication to give readers access to even more news and information about regional politics and public affairs.

ThePointer.com, which specializes in long-form, detailed, investigative journalism, expanded into Niagara earlier this year.

The website, led by longtime journalist Joel Wittnebel, The Pointer’s editor-in-chief, is dedicated to civic accountability.

Moving forward, readers will be able to access reports by The Pointer via links posted on NiagaraNow.com.

In addition to Niagara, The Pointer covers news and politics in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon.

The Pointer is focused on evidenced-based journalism and specializes in investigations, features and data-driven content.

As part of its mission, The Pointer “believes that serious accountability journalism is fundamental to democracy at the local level,” Wittnebel says.

That’s one reason The Pointer decided to include Niagara in its investigative repertoire and partner with The Lake Report.

Check out ThePointer.com/niagara now for reports by Dean Iorfida on NOTL council development proposals, a new move to hike councillors’ salaries and an in-depth look at how Niagara Falls council has rejected an entreat by Ontario’s ombudsman and retained an “exorbitant” $500 fee for residents who want to file a complaint about councillors’ conduct.

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