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Friday, September 30, 2022
Golden Plunger: Gate House Kitchen & Cafe

Gate House Kitchen & Cafe

142 Queen St., NOTL

As we strolled through the historic town of NOTL, we stopped by the Gate House Kitchen & Cafe restaurant for a quick “nibbly.” The patio calls you to enjoy the view as well as the food. The Gate House has quite a history dating back to the 1700s where it was a common meeting place in Upper Canada. Some of the original stone work is displayed throughout the cafe. The bright and cheery dining room reflects the menu and the service, which we enjoyed very much. The restrooms did not disappoint and were privately located, providing accessibility to all. The lavatory was welcoming with several stalls for customers' convenience. The porcelain bowl sink was surrounded by a basket of hand towels and “goodies” for the most delicate hands. Be sure to check out the framed self-portrait, known to most as a “mirror.” The succulent greenery added to the decor and carbon-free air. (no tax here) This rest station had a great vibe and the Cafe at the Gate House shone brightly and was awarded  4.55 Golden Plungers.