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Horoscope: Venus and Neptune ensure romance is alive and well
This week's horoscope. File photo

Thursday, Feb. 9: With the moon in Libra, still in full moon mode, here is a day where restraint can pay off and where the truth should work for everyone. Where were you on Sunday, Feb. 9, 1964? Odds are, you were at home watching the Beatles’ premiere performance on the “Ed Sullivan Show.”

Friday, Feb. 10: Intimate conversation and generosity makes this a Friday to remember. The first-ever gold record, awarded for sales of one million copies, on Feb. 10, 1940, goes to Glenn Miller’s “Chattanooga Choo Choo.”

Saturday, Feb. 11: Today, Mercury enters Aquarius, one of its favourite signs. Aquarius is an air sign, and Mercury loves air signs because it and the air element share similar qualities: communication, awareness, curiosity and objectivity. The upcoming weeks are great for any activities that involve the intellect: learning, reading, solving problems. Happy birthday to Jennifer Aniston, born Feb. 11, 1969. After playing the role of Rachel Green on “Friends,” she has made a career as a film actor.

Sunday, Feb. 12: Out with the old and in with the new. Be open to new possibilities and see the new as something original. Today is the birthdate of one of America’s greatest presidents and orators, Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 12, 1809.

Monday, Feb. 13: Today is the day of the third-quarter moon in Scorpio, at 11 this morning. It’s the solar system’s way of reminding us that a new moon is only a week away  so we need to take care of all the things we have been meaning to do. Happy birthday to Peter Gabriel, singer and songwriter with Genesis and as solo artist. He was born Feb. 13, 1950.

Tuesday, Feb. 14: With the moon in Sagittarius and other optimistic signs, it’s a wonderful day to daydream and imagine. Happy birthday to one of  America’s most influential abolitionists, Frederick Douglass, born Feb. 14, 1818.

Wednesday, Feb. 15: Today, we have a magical Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces is the most romantic transit you can get. What a treat for Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this is a great time to connect with your heart from a “not knowing” to a “totally known” reality. Happy birthday to a sculpture, “The Angel of the North” by Anthony Gormley. Erected in Britain on Feb. 15, 1998, it is 20 metres tall and has a 54-metre wingspan.

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