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Horoscope: Venue enters Pisces and love is on the way
This week's horoscope. File photo

Thursday, Jan. 26: Today, Venus enters the sign of her exaltation, Pisces. In the following weeks, we will be more receptive and intuitive than usual and will relate deeply to love, art, poetry, music – and everything that is beautiful. The transit culminates with a conjunction to Neptune on Valentine’s Day. How perfectly apropos. Today, the Great One, Number 99, Wayne Gretzky, celebrates birthday number 62.

Friday, Jan. 27: Your brain is loaded and wants to forgive and forget. It is an opportunity to heal, an opportunity that rarely presents so cleanly or clearly. Today, in 1880, Thomas Edison patented the electric light bulb. Some contend he paid two University of Toronto students for their discovery. Edison’s contribution was a vastly improved filament.

Saturday, Jan. 28: With the sun in Aquarius and the moon in Taurus, it’s the day of the first-quarter moon . It’s a great day to play catch-up with that unfinished to-do list. Actor, writer, director and more, Alan Alda, mostly well-known as Hawkeye Pierce in the long-running TV series M*A*S*H, turns 87 today.

Sunday, Jan. 29: Generous and clever make for a wondrous start to the week where the moon in practical Taurus can get things accomplished. On Jan. 29, 1892, in Atlanta, the drink known as Coca-Cola was patented. In the late 19th century, cocaine was a popular ingredient in many apothecary recipes, so the rumour regarding “coke” is true. It was outlawed in 1914.

Monday, Jan. 30: With the moon and Mars together in Gemini, it’s a “zoom, zoom” start to the week. Slow down and take a breath. The Beatles performed their last-ever concert atop their Apple Corp. headquarters building on Saville Row on Jan. 30, 1969.

Tuesday, Jan. 31: As the moon sets the stage by moving into her home sign of Cancer, a spiritual lifting coincides. Happy birthday number 76 to former pitcher Nolan Ryan.

Wednesday, Feb. 1: There’s more spiritual awakening again today. Pay attention to your dreams and innermost thoughts. The man they once called ”Super Freak,” Rick James, was born Feb. 1, 1948, in Buffalo, N.Y. His untimely death in 2004 cut short a promising career.

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