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Monday, September 26, 2022
Horoscope: Tough decisions ahead require patience and strategy
Looking to the Stars.
Looking to the Stars.

Thursday Aug. 11: This is the day when Venus enters Leo. Venus in Leo is a “look at me” Venus, meaning that our feelings and emotional displays will be set on high for the next few weeks. Venus in Leo encourages us to make a statement about our wants and desires. This is our opportunity to be honest about how we feel, to let others know it. You don’t want to be subtle when Venus is in Leo. Say what you want. Say how you feel. Your authentic expression will encourage others to do the same. Everybody talks about the controversial co-founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs. Equally we should acknowledge Steve Wozniak, his partner, who turns 72 today.

Friday, Aug. 12: It’s the full moon in Aquarius for 2022. The full moon in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus and the Nodes. This full moon will feel sober and heavy – it will show us where we need to get our act together, behave like an adult and take charge of our destiny. The good thing about a full moon conjunct Saturn in Saturn’s sign (Aquarius) is that it carries a very strong manifesting energy. Moon plus Saturn in its sign tries to make things happen. This is when some of our most important projects may come to life. Hard work may or may not pay off. Happy birthday #51 to the winner of 14 tennis Grand Slam tennis tournaments, Pete Sampras.

Saturday, Aug. 13: With the moon in Pisces, today opposite Mercury and also connected to Uranus, it’s a day to wait before we speak and to think while we are waiting. On Aug. 13, 1888, the inventor of both black and white and colour television was born. Happy birthday to Scotland’s John Logie Baird.

Sunday, Aug. 14: Today is the busiest day in the zodiac that we have seen in weeks. And it’s challenging. Not all a gift. Tough decisions require patience. Fortunately, we have tons of energy, so it’s time to strategize. He began as a standup and then made his name in TV and film – where he met Martin Short, from Hamilton, Ont. The two of them are standing up as two Martins. He is Steve Martin, born Aug. 14, 1945.

Monday, Aug. 15: Co-operation is the winning style today. Harvest rewards with teammates. Regarded as one of the leading jazz pianists of all time, Oscar Peterson was born Aug. 15, 1925, in Montreal.

Tuesday, Aug. 16: Necessity is the mother of invention and today we see invention working overtime as Mercury in Virgo gets a positive boost from Uranus in Taurus. Born in Kapuskasing and raised in Chippewa, one of Hollywood’s most successful film directors, James Cameron, is 68 years old today.

Wednesday, Aug. 17: This is a day for dreaming. Not a day for decision-making. Write down your ideas. Soon they will make sense. As Mars winds through the last few degrees of Taurus on its way to Gemini on Saturday, all impatience becomes more frustrating. With two Academy Awards and six other Oscar nominations, acclaimed actor Robert DeNiro celebrates birthday #79 today.

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