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Saturday, October 1, 2022
Horoscope: Things will get easier if you’re honest with yourself
Looking to the stars.
Looking to the stars. File photo

Thursday, Aug. 25: After several weeks in Virgo, today Mercury enters Libra. The key word for Mercury in Libra – and for any planet in Libra – is balance. In the air sign of Libra, Mercury becomes inclusive, diplomatic and people-oriented. This is a great transit for negotiations, reaching agreements and finding win-win outcomes. Mercury will be in Libra for a long time (until the end of October) since it goes retrograde next month. More will follow about Mercury retrograde in Libra soon. If you plan on having microwaved ramen today, sing happy birthday as packaged ramen was first sold on Aug. 25, 1958. The invention is thanks to Momofuku Ando.

Friday, Aug. 26: Saturn in Aquarius is opposed by the moon in Leo, making for a stubborn “I can’t get started” kind of Friday. Be honest with yourself and things will get easier. On Aug. 26, 1971, Bobby Orr signed the first million-dollar contract in the NHL. It was five years for $1 million.

Saturday, Aug. 27: This is the day of the new moon in Virgo. The new moon is three minutes away from a perfect square to Mars in Gemini. Mars squares normally bring tension and conflict. Thankfully, Mars is also part of a beautiful grand trine with Mercury (the new moon ruler) and Pluto. Yes, the new moon in Virgo will push our buttons. Yes, it will stir some uncomfortable conversations. But we can work it out. If Mercury gets away with talking, and doing nothing – Mars doesn’t. Mars is the action planet. After we have spoken our truth, what are we going to do about it? Aug. 27, 1883, saw the most powerful explosion in recorded history when the volcano on Krakatoa peaked after months of rumbling. Modern science estimates it was 13,000 times as powerful as the atomic bomb  dropped on Hiroshima.

Sunday, Aug. 28: Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius, bringing a stop to both personal and professional relationships. The stop is the universe’s way of asking us to fix something. If there is no stop, there is likely nothing in need of a fix. Happy birthday #57 to Shania Twain, who once shared an apartment in Nashville with St. Catharines’ broadcaster Tim Denis.

Monday, Aug. 29: Mars is in Taurus. The moon is in perfect harmony in Virgo. It’s a generous and sexy start to the week. Enjoy. It was Aug. 29, 1910, that Swedish actor Ingrid Bergman was born. Most famous for her role in “Casablanca,’ she died on Aug. 29, 1982 – her 67th birthday.

Tuesday, Aug. 30: This is a great day to go. Go on a diet. Go on vacation. Go back to school. Just go for it. Last week we celebrated Bosox great Carl Yastrzemski. Today Ted Williams would be 104 years old.

Wednesday, Aug. 31: While imagination and memory work overtime, today is not the best time for life-altering decisions. Make notes. Not contracts. Twenty-five years ago today, the world lost one of its most beloved heroes, Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. There will be much reminiscing on this, the 25th anniversary of her death.

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