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Thursday, August 11, 2022
Horoscope: Slow-moving Jupiter has big influence on our lives

Thursday, July 28: Today, we have a new moon in Leo. This is a highly optimistic new moon that is trine Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter’s energy is amplified since the big planet is now stationary. The July-August lunar cycle is the best time of the year to take a chance and go big with your projects, especially if they involve travel and/or education. For classical music lovers, July 28 is often called “Black Day” due to the deaths of Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach. They died on the same date, nine years apart.

Friday, July 29: Today, Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries. When a slow-moving planet like Jupiter changes direction, we all notice it. Jupiter rules our beliefs, goals, and our “raison d’etre.” When it goes retrograde, we are invited to take a step back and re-evaluate the reasons we’re doing what we’re doing. It was July 29, 1609, that Samuel de Champlain shot and killed two Iroquois chiefs, setting the stage for 150 years of French/Iroquois wars.

Saturday, July 30: Whenever the moon is opposed by Saturn, things get stubborn. That is today in a nutshell. Wait and be honest with yourself. Happy birthday to Phoebe Buffay of “Friends” aka Lisa Kudrow who turns 59 today.

Sunday, July 31: Today we see the exact north node-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This conjunction is further fuelled by Mars in  Taurus, so at the end of the month we have a very intense Mars-north node-Uranus conjunction. When we have a Uranus transit, we “expect” the unexpected. In reality, this means that what we expect to happen will not happen – what will happen is something completely different, something that is not even on our awareness radar. The good news is that the north-node Uranus conjunction will only bring us those events, opportunities and people that serve our highest good. The best advice? Don’t plan anything, don’t expect anything. In July, destiny is knocking on the door – so let it in. Happy birthday to Joanne Kathleen Rowling, creator of Harry Potter and lots more. Today she is 57.

Monday, Aug. 1: In spite of a lack of clarity, this is a super positive Monday where both Venus and Mars are working to open up new future potentials that promise long-term gains. English chemist Joseph Priestly announced his discovery of oxygen on Aug. 1, 1774.

Tuesday, Aug. 2: It may require some soul searching but opportunities today open doors to true passion. Is it someone? A new vocation or hobby? All of these? It was Aug. 2, 1961, that the Beatles first performed as the house band at Liverpool’s “Cavern Club,” which is why the St. Catharines-based Beatles cover band is called the “Caverners.”

Wednesday, Aug. 3: With the moon in Libra, it’s not surprising that relationships are strained. Try to relax and let things unfold. Considered the greatest quarterback of all  time, Tom Brady celebrates 45 years today.

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