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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Horoscope: Mercury exerts some influence on your everyday activities

Thursday, July 21: A testy day on this last full day of Cancer for 2022. It is a time when striking a balance slowly brings rewards and quick self-confident moves get respect. Neil Armstrong made history when on July 21, 1969, he became the first human to step on the moon, “a small step for a man.”

Friday, July 22: The month of Leo begins at 4:06 this afternoon. Leo is the fifth sign of  the zodiac and its symbol is the lion. Leo, whose motto “I love,” is ruled by the sun. Along with Aries and Sagittarius, it is a fire sign and, like Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, Leo is a “fixed sign.” Former CBC game show host Alex Trebek was born July 22, 1940, in Sudbury, Ont. Later and for many years, he was the host of “Jeopardy!”

Saturday, July 23: Mercury in Leo is in perfect harmony with Jupiter in Aries. Big ideas appear. Travel plans are explored. Thoughts of further education begin to take shape. It’s all good. On July 23, 2000, a 24-year-old Tiger Woods became the youngest professional golfer to win all four major titles.

Sunday, July 24: Even with the moon in Gemini it should be lively, but this is one of the most laid-back days in a long while. Enjoy your spiritual growth. It was July 24, 1534, that  Jacques Cartier landed in Canada, claiming it for France.

Monday, July 25: Venus in cancer is 90 degrees from Jupiter in  Aries, giving birth to the discovery of your heart’s desire. It could be a new or renewed relationship. Or vocation. Or hobby. On this day in 1973, Canada said farewell to its 12th prime minister, Louis St. Laurent. In his nine years as PM, he campaigned for NATO and in other ways brought Canada into the world of leadership states.

Tuesday, July 26: A day of impulsive reactions courtesy of Mercury in Leo square to Mars in Taurus. Today’s menu may include mechanical breakdowns, and arguments. My advice, is to hold your breath and wait for an idea that you have faith in. Not one prompted by anger or embarrassment. Happy birthday number 166 to George Bernard Shaw. Born in Dublin, Ireland, he is the only writer ever to win both a Nobel Prize (in literature) and an Oscar.

Wednesday, July 27: Mercury continues to trigger activities again today. This time it’s harmony with Chiron, encouraging the adoption of a better diet and regimen for improved spiritual health. Consider yoga or a walking routine. Even adopting a regular bedtime and rising time would be good. It was July 27, 1921, that Frederick Banting and Charles Best isolated insulin in their laboratory at the University of Toronto. And so, for millions around the world, diabetes was no longer the kiss of death.

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