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Horoscope: Mars and Pluto bring energy to Canada Day holiday celebrations

Thursday, June 30: As the moon moves from its home sign of Cancer into Leo we have activity with Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars and Pluto. It’s a very busy day. A fair bit of stress may see us choosing to get lost in our imaginations. Better, get found in your imagination and solve stress swiftly. It was June 30, 1955, that the “Johnny Carson Show” first aired on CBS. This was seven years before the “Tonight Show” aired on NBC.

Friday, July 1: Happy Canada Day! Even though it’s a holiday, activity between Mars and Pluto make for tons of energy which is put to best use strategizing on very deep and important spiritual goals. While Canada turns 155 today, Princess Diana would be 62. By numerology, 155 is 11, which is a Sagittarian number and 62 is eight, a Scorpionic one. Will Canada shoot over the hill and hit the unseen target? Will Princess Diana rise back into the sky?

Saturday, July 2: Mercury in Gemini connects with both Saturn and Neptune, making for sensible ideas that work well and dreamy ideas that may be brilliant – or baloney. Happy 85th to Richard Petty, winner of seven NASCAR championships and seven Daytona 500 races.

Sunday, July 3: Mercury continues to activate the cosmos today with a connection to Pluto. It’s time to face the facts, see the truth and make a new plan. Television turns 94 today. It was July 3, 1928, that Scottish-born, John Logie Baird first demonstrated his invention, which he called television.

Monday, July 4: Happy birthday number 246 to the USA. Although this day is loaded with good karma, it also has an old wound that demands attention. By numerology, 246 is three, which is a Gemini number meaning NO for now. But YES, for later. The  work of playwright Neil Simon, born July 4, 1928, was last featured at the Shaw Festival with “Sweet Charity” in 2015.

Tuesday, July 5: Mercury moves from its home sign of Gemini into nurturing Cancer, so for the next three weeks we may be inclined to focus our thoughts and hobbies on our families with research, history and photographs. The man who would become the fourth prime minister of Canada John Thompson wed Annie E. Affleck in Portland, Maine, on July 5, 1870.

Wednesday, July 6: The first quarter moon in Libra is tonight. It makes for a day to review the past week and make a list of what went well and what not so well. Keep the list handy for a look next week when the full moon arrives. It was July 6, 1994, that Jeff Bezos founded an online bookstore he called “Amazon.”

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