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Horoscope: It’s officially summer now and new moon brings change

Thursday, June 23: Today, Venus enters Gemini and shows us what we value. If in Taurus, Venus valued stability and comfort, in Gemini, Venus values curiosity and intellectual pursuits. Learning a new skill, travelling, meeting new people, singing, dancing, writing or working with your hands are some of Venus in Gemini’s favorite activities. Gemini is a Mercury sign, so communication (Mercury) in relationships (Venus) is a central theme of this transit. When Venus is in Gemini, we find it easier to articulate our feelings. One thousand and ninety-two years ago, on June 23, in the year 930 the world’s first parliament was proclaimed. Where? In Iceland! They called it the “Alpingi.”

Friday, June 24: Look for a well-made surprise as the moon in Taurus gets a bump from Uranus, also in Taurus. For some, this will be a nice financial surprise. One of the soccer greats, Lionel Messi, celebrates his 35th birthday.

Saturday, June 25: The moon moves from Taurus into Gemini this evening, making life livelier. Given how stubborn the morning is likely to be, a bit of brevity will be most welcome. Ricky Gervais, British comedian and creator of “the Office” and “After Life,” turns 61 today.

Sunday, June 26: Things start off with a generous and friendly morning but grow more challenging as the day unwinds. Avoid overreacting and it will be easier. Happy birthday to the universal product code – aka  UPC – first seen in Troy, Ohio, on June 26, 1974, with a stick of chewing gum sold at a Marsh Supermarket.

Monday, June 27: On the day before the new moon, discipline and patience are what’s most needed to deal with stubborn cosmic energy. If delays are encountered, they may prove to be helpful. The ATM, or automatic teller, was first operated in England on June 27, 1967.

Tuesday, June 28: Two major events today, first Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces. When a planet changes direction, there is an intensification of its themes. When Neptune goes retrograde, old dreams, desires, fantasies, longings and feelings we haven’t fully processed resurface, demanding our attention. What makes Neptune different from other planets is its subtlety. Neptune is not the Uranian lightbulb moment, nor the Plutonian slap in the face.

And late tonight, we have a new moon in Cancer. The new moon is conjunct the black moon Lilith (the moon is at  its farthest point from the Earth), and it is exactly square Jupiter. This is a bold, action-oriented new moon. Jupiter in Aries gives us the impulse to act upon what it is that we hold most dear. Our emotions (Cancer) fuel our actions (Aries) and the other way around. The impulse to take action is very strong, almost Pavlovian. It may be raw and taboo, but it eventually will set us on a new trajectory, one that is more aligned with who we truly are. Born in South Africa, educated at Queen’s University in Kingston, the richest man the world, Elon Musk turns 51 today.

Wednesday, June 29: A good day to be open to new ideas and to build bridges that help heal old wounds. It was June 29, 1613, that Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned to the ground during a performance of “Henry VIII.”

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