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Horoscope: Harmony eases stresses and a full moon is on horizon
Legendary comedian Bill Burr celebrates 54 years on June 10.

Thursday, June 9: With the sun in Gemini and the moon in Libra, a light and clever harmony infuses the day. Given some stressful goings on earlier, harmony is welcome. It was June 9, 1973, that Canadian jockey Ron  Turcotte, aboard the incomparable thoroughbred Secretariat, won the 105th Belmont Stakes, becoming the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.

Friday, June 10: Honest feelings disturb the end of the work week. Hang in as ideas and conversations later on reveal a cleaner way forward. Comedian and podcaster Bill Burr celebrates birthday number 54 today.

Saturday, June 11: On June 11 Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. A few days later, Venus also connects with the north node. Venus is the planet of love and personal values. Uranus is the planet of truth, freedom and liberation. The north node is our compass. We may think we are true to ourselves, that we know what we want. But sometimes it takes a Venus-Uranus transit to shake us and show us what we really want. When we do find out that is, the whole universe conspires to make it happen. It’s exciting and arrives, most likely, in the form of a new creative person who opens a way to a better future for you. Happy birthday #20 to American Idol, first seen on Fox on June 11, 2002, and starring Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Sunday, June 12:
The truth is the topic du jour – likely as Mercury, now direct, covers ground already travelled in the past month when in retrograde motion, and showing that we have been hoodwinking ourselves about what we want and what it takes to get it. Honesty with oneself is mandatory. The first animated film to gross $1 billion was “Toy Story 3”, starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. It premiered June 12, 2010.

Monday, June 13: On a very upbeat and generous day, Mercury re-enters Gemini for the second time this year. From now until July 5 we enjoy the open mindedness and clear thinking and communication of Mercury in Gemini. Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” and “Toy Story” fame celebrates birthday number 69 today.

Tuesday, June 14: It’s the day of the full moon in Sagittarius for 2022. At this full moon, we may initially feel we’ve lost our compass. But that’s because our old beliefs no longer serve us. At least not in this current context. The full moon square Neptune will show us that there is a way – a different way – to achieve our goals. At the full moon, allow the inquisitive spirit of Sagittarius to be the guide in finding different answers in unusual places. A good day to curb your enthusiasm? Remember the Falkland Islands war? It was June 14, 1982, that Argentine soldiers surrendered to Britain.

Wednesday, June 15: Mars in Aries conjoins Chiron while Venus in Taurus joins the north node of the moon. This is the day for healing past hurts and for warming up to the best spiritual future. Today is the birthday of one of the most powerful men in the world, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who turns 69.

Check out Bill Auchterlonie’s podcast, “Looking up to the Stars” with ad libs and music at www.lutts.ca.


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