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Horoscope: Full moon lies ahead and maybe a spiritual awakening
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Thursday, Dec. 1: Both Mercury and Venus have commanding roles in today’s sky ballet. How about some Venus versus Mars tension? Or some Venus and Saturn tension? (Which actually may work out for the better by slowing things down a bit.) And all this while your logical mind is overwhelmed by imagination making for confusion. It was Dec. 1, 2021, that Kennedy Center Honours were awarded to Joni Mitchell, Lorne Michaels, Berry Gordy and Bette Midler, who turns 77 today.

Friday, Dec. 2: Harmony between the moon in Aries and the sun in Sagittarius underlines the synchronicity that is ever present and also bestows a wonderful sense of patience which should play out before the day is done. Happy birthday to Aaron Rogers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl winner and MVP.

Saturday, Dec. 3: Neptune has been retrograde since the end of June. Today, Neptune turns direct, in the sign of Pisces, the sign of his rulership. Imagination steps into play with all the accumulated ideas from the past five months to show. Happy birthday #61 to Julianne Moore, who has been an award-winning actor for 30 years, including a best actress Oscar for her leading role in “Still Alice.”

Sunday, Dec. 4: As we head toward a full moon in Gemini on Wednesday, we start the week with the sun and Chiron triggering a spiritual awakening today – and also with Venus in Sagittarius in a challenging square to Neptune. Be on guard for messages that roll out of the fog and wait until a sure response is delivered with confidence. Happy birthday to Chief Crazy Horse, born Dec. 4, 1840. He, along with Sitting Bull and others defeated Gen. George Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Monday, Dec. 5: Today is time to embrace new ideas. And there are lots from which to choose. Patience is our best friend today. Yesterday was the anniversary of Crazy Horse’s birth. One year earlier (1839) and one day later, Dec. 5, was the day George Custer was  born in Ohio.

Tuesday, Dec. 6: As Mercury moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn and thinking becomes more focused on all things practical, the moon moves into Gemini. That sets up tomorrow’s full moon while Jupiter teases with thoughts and big ideas that, while tempting, are not easy to pull off. Dion Fortune was a British author and psychic who led a group that used magic to help the fates keep German soldiers out of Britain during the Second World War. She was born Dec. 6, 1890.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: A little past 11 this evening we are treated to the full moon in Gemini with the added bonus of the moon at the same place in the sky as Mars. This requires a nimble body directed by quick-changing feelings in order to respond to the even more nimble changing world around us. It was Dec. 7, 1979, that the first “Star Trek” film was released. It starred Canadian actor William Shatner as Capt. James Kirk, along with Leonard Nimoy. It was directed by Robert Wise.

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