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Horoscope: Full moon drives emotions and boosts your energy
This week's horoscope. File photo

Thursday, Jan. 5: With the moon moving from busy Gemini into her home sign of Cancer this morning and with the sun making a connection to Uranus at the same time, it’s a day where surprises are secure, old-fashioned and easy to download. Happy Birthday #92 to Robert Duvall, from the “Godfather” to “Apocalypse Now” to “The Terry Fox Story,” he has been a steady character for our times.

Friday, Jan. 6: The full moon in Cancer at 6:07 tonight turns our emotions to maximum sensitivity, driving rarely seen energies to help us get what we want. Still, it’s a good day to think before speaking in order to avoid misunderstandings. For two years now, America (and the world) have been focused on Jan. 6, 2021, the day Donald Trump supporters attempted a takeover of the Congress and Senate. 

Saturday, Jan. 7: Whether writing or speaking, today is a time when clarity and the truth are in high demand. This due to a conjunction between the sun and retrograde Mercury. The good news is that if we do screw it up, we  get a chance to fix it when Mercury goes direct. Lewis Hamilton, the great Formula One driver, turns 38 today.

Sunday, Jan. 8: Good news comes in a flash? Today this is so. Enjoy but be prepared. It was Jan. 8, 1935, that the King  of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was born in Tupelo, Miss. Twelve years later, David Bowie also entered the world.

Monday, Jan. 9: A generous start to the work week urges giving on all fronts. With all the talk about the Royal Family, Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, has virtually nothing to say.

Tuesday, Jan. 10: Today Venus is at 90 degrees to the north node of the moon. This makes it easy to figure out who is with you and who is not. One of the greatest Leafs of all time, Frank Mahovlich, was born on Jan. 10, 1938.

Wednesday, Jan. 11: Memories and dreams are strong right now. Pay attention to the unusual for opportunities. It was Jan. 11, 1815, that Canada’s first prime minister, John A. Macdonald, was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

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