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Horoscope: Full moon could mean tension in some relationships
This week's horoscope. File photo

Thursday, Oct. 6: Today may feel a bit like Monday, thanks to the moon in Pisces and Mercury connecting with Pluto, there are thoughts and conversations that include psychology and sexuality wrapped in spiritual awakenings. On Oct. 6, 1917, Canadian troops captured the town of Passchendaele during the First World War.

Friday, Oct. 7: Tension and past hurts open the opportunity to spiritual growth, if we can relax and tell ourselves the truth. Vladimir Putin turns 70 today. Born on Oct. 7, 1952, in Leningrad, he is a restless, adventure-seeking Libran, thanks to Mars in Sagittarius. His moon in Gemini connects to virtually nothing, making him cold as ice. His moon is loosely opposed by Mars, giving him the added trait of total selfishness. All this is wrapped up by Venus in Scorpio, a secretive and sexy projection he makes work for him.

Saturday, Oct. 8: Pluto has been retrograde since April. Today, Pluto turns to direct motion in nearly the same place as it was in April. And so begins the outward manifestation of all the insights into our inner selves that we have experienced in the past six or seven months. These revelations will continue into the spring of 2023. Hard-working actor Sigourney Weaver turns 73 today and has four films set to open by Christmas, including the second “Avatar,” with Canadian-born director James Cameron.

Sunday, Oct. 9: OOOwwww, it’s a full moon in Aries with both Venus and the sun opposite the moon., meaning all relationships fraught with tension. Try to relax and work on something that will last. On Oct. 9, of the year 1000, Leif Ericson landed in Newfoundland and started the colony we call L’Anse aux Meadows.

Monday, Oct. 10: Mercury went direct on Oct. 2 at 24 degrees of Virgo. Today Mercury leaves the discriminating sign of the virgin and enters thoughtful Libra, where it will be until the end of the month. That means three weeks of planning social events and very clever communications. It was Oct. 10, 1969, that the soundtrack album to “Jesus Christ Superstar” was released by composers Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

Tuesday, Oct. 11: The sun and Uranus connect with a wonderful opportunity that also brings stress. This can be overcome by steady application to the ultimate goal and with the help of someone in authority. On Oct. 11, 1975, that famous announcer, Don Pardo, first uttered the words: “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Thanks to a difficult relationship between Mars and Neptune, we all feel a strong desire to escape. A similar tension between Mercury and Jupiter adds to that appeal with the additional draw of faraway travel. For most of us, a movie, book or some great music will have to do, like anything by the late Luciano Pavarotti, born Oct. 12, 1937.

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