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Horoscope: Fresh, new ideas make for an exciting start to a new month
This week's horoscope. File photo

Thursday, Sept. 1: Here’s an exciting way to kick off a brand-new month. With new ideas that work. New ideas about relationships, health regimens, work realities, and even travel and education ideas. With Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all working together to make life better, it’s time to change for the good. It was Sept. 1, 1905, that Canadian Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier oversaw the admission of both Saskatchewan and Alberta into Confederation.

Friday, Sept. 2: After the expansive potential of yesterday, a tendency to overdo things is today’s caution. Check ideas that seem overconfident. Likely, they are. Happy birthday to tennis great Jimmy Connors, who is now 70.

Saturday, Sept. 3: At 2:07 this afternoon it’s the first-quarter moon in Sagittarius. While first-quarter moons can often be challenging, this one likely will be less so courtesy of Virgo and Sagittarius both being what are called “mutable” signs. That is, they are flexible and open to change. Other mutable signs include Gemini and Pisces. It was Sept. 3, 1939, that the Second World War officially began with Britain declaring war against Germany after the Nazi invasion of Poland.

Sunday, Sept. 4: Hopefully, we will be reminded that Venus is in Leo. That is, the planet of love is in the sign of love. The reminder comes courtesy of a sweet connection to the moon in Sagittarius. Enjoy. Comedian Joan Rivers died on Sept. 4, 2014. In August 1985 she played two sold-out shows at Hamilton Place and was a guest on my late-night talk show on CHAM courtesy of her car cellphone.

Monday, Sept. 5: From today until Sept. 29, Venus will make a home in Virgo. After her transit of Leo, the love sign, the next month sees a time when things may be less flamboyant and flashy, but are more finely and carefully crafted. We first saw him on the “Ed Sullivan Show” making a phone call to Queen Elizabeth while playing the role of Sir Walter Raleigh. Several TV series later, Bob Newhart was a national treasure. Today he turns 93.

Tuesday, Sept. 6: Spontaneity is the word of the day. The truth appears frequently too, so be ready for both. Jane Curtin first made us laugh on “Saturday Night Live” and later on “Third Rock.” Today she turns 75.

Wednesday, Sept. 7: It’s a day to be brave. It’s a day to be generous and sexy even. Also, a day when being in touch with a spiritual awakening includes all of this. The first automobile race on a racetrack was won by A.H. Whiting on Sept. 7, 1896, with an average speed of 24 miles per hour.

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