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Horoscope: Be patient and take time to catch up on things you have neglected

Thursday, Aug. 4: Mercury continues to be the active planet again today, first, by moving from proud Leo into its domicile, Virgo, where it is most discriminating. Then it connects to the moon, also in Virgo, making for both discerning feelings and thinking. Maurice “the Rocket” Richard, one of the greatest NHLers ever, would be 101 years old today.

Friday, Aug. 5: The connections between Venus and then the moon, both with Saturn, make serious relationships come into focus. Be patient. Today is also the first quarter moon in Scorpio. That means it’s a great day to catch up on things neglected. Herb Brooks coached the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to a gold medal in the so-called “Miracle on Ice.” That championship run included a 4-3  win over the favoured Soviets in Lake Placid. He coached in the NHL and won at the Olympics again in 2002. He died in 2003 and today would have been 85.

Saturday, Aug. 6: Today starts all smiles and upbeat but could turn serious later. Think first, then speak. Born just over the Niagara River in Jamestown, N.Y., on Aug. 6, 1911, a comedy festival there now recognizes the genius of Lucille Ball.

Sunday, Aug. 7: If you feel the need to take a break, try to squeeze it in. At the same time resist the urge to be in control. Toronto-born and one of the most respected broadcasters ever, Peter Jennings died on Aug. 7, 2005.

Monday, Aug. 8: With the sun in Leo in perfect harmony with Chiron in Aries, today is one of the days of spiritual awakenings. Pay attention to thoughts that present very quietly. Pay attention to daydreams. Make time for daydreams. Happy birthday #85 to Dustin Hoffman, the actor who is always comfortable in his own skin.

Tuesday, Aug. 9: Express yourself honestly but avoid conflict. Allow everyone a chance to say their piece. One of hockey’s highest-scoring snipers, Brett Hull, son of “Golden Jet” Bobby Hull, turns 58 today.

Wednesday, Aug. 10: Just one day before tomorrow’s challenging full moon, each of us is concentrating on our own journey. Yes, we will clearly see who is with us and who is not. It was on Aug. 10, 1497, that John Cabot told King Henry VII of his trip to “Asia.” However, Cabot had actually travelled to Newfoundland, which he misnamed “Asia.”

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