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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Horoscope: Big, bold Jupiter grabs your attention for the next 12 months


 pix you can use this week Homer Simpson, Stevie Wonder, Turk Broda, Mark Zuckerberg and/or Jarri Kurri


Jupiter is only in Aries once every 12 years.

Thursday, May 12: Yesterday, Jupiter entered Aries. This is one of the most important transits of the year since Jupiter changes signs every 12 months on average. When that happens, a whole new area of life will come into focus. Suddenly something will require your attention for an entire year. This area of your life (the house where Aries resides in your chart) is where you’ll experience Jupiter’s expansive energy. Jupiter in Aries is big and bold. This is futuristic energy. Happy birthday to Homer J. Simpson, born May 12, 1956, in Springfield, USA.

Friday, May 13: The sun is conjunct the north node in Taurus. Every year, this sun-north node conjunction reminds us of our purpose, pointing to how far – or how close – we are to who we’re meant to be. The transit will not necessarily come with a clear “how-to” type of insight – but it will nevertheless awaken something inside us. Pay attention to what inspires you. This is something you want to pay attention to, develop and grow into. Today, the singer/songwriter with the most Grammys, Stevie Wonder, turns 72.

Saturday, May 14: As the moon moves from Libra into Scorpio, feelings move to centre stage. Mars gets a friendly bump from the north node, bringing light to a future health matter. With a net worth in excess of $75 billion, Mark Zuckerberg turns 38 today.

Sunday, May 15: Venus in Aries is conjunct Chiron. Venus is about our feelings and how we relate to others and Chiron is the wounded healer. Its role is to bridge what needs integration, so we can find wholeness. To do that, Chiron will trigger repressed or unacknowledged feelings and emotions that require our attention. When our emotional wounds move from the unconscious to the conscious, they also trigger the hurt associated with their sudden acknowledgment. But that’s a necessary – and unavoidable – part of the healing process. Walter “Turk” Broda, winner of five Stanley Cups and two Vezina Trophies was born on May 15, 1914.

Monday, May 16: Today we have a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. All eclipses have a fated feel – and this lunar eclipse is even more so. This is a total eclipse, which is the most intense and life-changing category of eclipses. It is a south node eclipse and, unlike north node eclipses which come with opportunities, the south node variety are concerned with clearing our past karma. Lastly, the total lunar eclipse makes aspects with all slow-moving planets: it squares Saturn, trines Neptune and Jupiter, sextiles Pluto. Outer planets carry a collective energy and when an eclipse makes aspects with outer planets, the best approach is surrendering to what’s been offered, instead of taking a personal stand. It was May 16, 1920, that Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

Tuesday, May 17: As we continue to digest yesterday’s full moon eclipse, the moon, now in Sagittarius, gives us the confidence we want and need. It was May 17, 1875, that the first Kentucky Derby was run. It was won by Aristides in 2:37:75. Last Saturday, long-shot Rich Strike was the big winner, finishing the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” in a time of 2:02.61.

Wednesday, May 18: Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. When Mars, the planet of personal will, is conjunct Neptune, the planet of divine guidance and surrender, the message is: don’t force your way through. Listen to subtle messages, watch for serendipities and find a higher purpose for your actions. When we’re open to receiving guidance, our actions have meaning and impact. Edmonton Oiler sniper Jari Kurri set a record with three goals and two assists in an NHL final on May 18, 1990.

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