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Friday, July 1, 2022
Horoscope: Moon in Saturn means a stressful week ahead

This week we see Mercury turn retrograde and a full moon in Scorpio.

Thursday, May 5: Uranus has been sitting in Taurus for quite some time. Today the sun, also in Taurus, reaches the same place in the zodiac. This is the day of an explosive surprise, hopefully for the better. The most gifted pop singer of her generation, Adele, celebrates birthday number 34 today.

Friday, May 6: With the moon in its last day of Cancer for this month, it’s a clever and laid-back Friday for all. Winner of three Golden Globe Awards and two Oscars, George Clooney turns 61 today.

Saturday, May 7: Another day where laid-back meets energy which is sensitive and intuitive. A day for quiet, personal progress. It was May 7, 2017, that Emmanuel Macron first defeated Marine Le Pen for the presidency of France, a feat he repeated last week when he was re-elected.

Sunday, May 8: Too much pride can hurt today. This day also marks the first quarter moon in Leo. Use the drive that comes from that challenge to draw a list of what is important now. It was May 8, 1945, that Germany signed surrender papers, putting an end to the Second World War.

Monday, May 9: Expect a stressful start to the week as the moon opposes Saturn. Everything will seem like pulling teeth. Today is the last day of Mercury direct in Gemini for now. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. Retrograde means Mercury “appears” to stop moving forward and then moves backward for a period of time. Mercury goes direct on June 9. Of course, planets do not ever change direction in their motion. But they appear to do just that due to the “doppler effect.” It’s like when you're on a train and another train passes you moving in the same direction but at a slower speed You feel the other train is moving backward. Happy birthday to two-time gold winning Olympic hockey coach and longtime Detroit Red Wing Steve Yzerman, who is turning 57 today.

Tuesday, May 10: At 7:47 this morning, Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini. Mercury will be retrograde until June 9. This is a period of fuzzy thinking, changed facts, missed messages and failed communication devices. It too shall pass. Likely only true U2 fans know of Paul Hewson, better known to the world as Bono. He turns 62 today.

Wednesday, May 11: With the sun in Taurus and the moon in Virgo, it’s a day where harmony rules, especially with practical things. It’s a good day to improve on what is. Natasha Richardson was filming in Quebec when, on a day off, she fell on a ski slope at Mont Tremblant in 2009 and never recovered. She was born on May 11, 1963. She played in the 1990 film adaptation of “A Handmaid’s Tale.”

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