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Horosope: Mercury could influence health matters and work issues

This week we see the first quarter moon in her home sign of Cancer and Mercury move from Aries into Taurus.

Thursday, April 7: In a very quick run through Aries, Mercury gets connected positively to Saturn in Aquarius and that brings news of improved security, most likely on the career front. Billie Holiday, also known as Lady Day, was born April 7, 1915. Her impoverished beginnings gave way to worldwide fame in both jazz and pop music. Sadly, her problems with alcohol took her life at 45.

Friday, April 8: Mercury is at it again today, this time with a positive connection to Mars, bringing opportunities to improve health matters and work-related issues. She was the first Hollywood actress to sign a million-dollar contract. She was one of four partners in United Artists, along with Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith. Born in Toronto on this day in 1892, she was Mary Pickford.

Saturday, April 9: With the sun in Aries and the moon in her home sign of Cancer, today is the day of the first quarter moon. It’s a day to review the progress made over the past week and to make corrections to catch up to where we want to be. It was April 9, 1869, that the Hudson's Bay Company ceded all of its territory to the two-year old government of Canada.

Sunday, April 10: After racing through Aries in just a few weeks, Mercury moves on to Taurus today. Mercury is “in” Taurus until April 28 when it moves on to its home sign of Gemini. In the meantime, look to thinking that is practical, and news and ideas that are well crafted (if a bit stubborn at times). And it was April 10, 1912, that the Titanic set sail on her inaugural – and final – voyage.

Monday, April 11: Even though the sun in Aries is in perfect harmony with the moon in Leo, all is not well in the universe today. Challenges from authority types and threats from the future combine to make for a day where patience is a must. Brilliant Canadian filmmaker Norman McLaren was born April 11, 1914, in Scotland. Among his acclaimed masterpieces for the National Film Board of Canada, was his “Pas de deux” and “Neighbours,” which won an Academy Award.

Tuesday, April 12: Here is a day where heart, mind and spirit are all working at their best. Time for honesty and to be bold and original. Happy birthday #75 to David Letterman, late-night TV host for more than 33 years.

Wednesday, April 13: Because Wednesday is the middle day of the week when you start at Sunday, some call it “hump day” as in “get over the hump.” This Wednesday is a whole lot more spiritual with an insight into our deep personal reason for being here. While this is magic, it is also stressful on a relationship. It was April 13, 1970, that Apollo 13 sent the famous message: “OK Houston, we’ve had a problem here.”

Next week is the full moon in Libra and Easter Sunday. And more.

Bill Auchterlonie’s weekly podcast, “Looking up to the Stars,” is at www.lutts.ca.

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