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Niagara Now launches print edition “The Lake Report” in NOTL

Niagara Now is pleased to announce its first print edition officially launches today in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The newspaper, called The Lake Report, will focus specifically on NOTL, with content being provided by Niagara Now.

Currently there will be 5,000 copies available monthly, with the goal of increasing production in the future.

Our May edition can be found throughout the town at many local businesses and community hubs, such as Avondale and the Community Centre.

An online edition will also be available at lakereport.ca.

“During the past month it has been a thrilling experience to start The Lake Report, a classic-style local newspaper, which Niagara-on-the-Lake has been thirsty for,” said Richard Harley, Lake Report and Niagara Now editor-in-chief.

Harley has long been interested in local journalism and has worked at local newspapers as well as being a journalism graduate of Niagara College.

“Niagara-on-the-Lake is a unique community in a lot of ways — one that people still wait outside for their paper deliveries. A small town like that really benefits from having something specific to its communities — that isn’t muddled up with a bunch of regional content. That’s why I’m excited to bring a paper with a local feel to a town that deserves it.”

Harley said the paper will be taking a “rustic Dickensian” vibe to it, with a “modern twist.”

“I’ve lived in NOTL my whole life — what’s better suited to the town than a classic-looking newspaper with a modern touch? I think that’s almost NOTL in a nutshell.”

The paper will throw back to an era of high-quality artistic front page design.

“I want this to be something people collect,” said Harley.

Further to great news content, each edition of The Lake Report will contain a community calendar of local events.

The paper encourages local submissions.

While The Lake Report will cover NOTL, the content will be provided by Niagara Now journalists.

Niagara Now will remain the area’s regional news source, and would like to extend a thank you to all of our readers and contributors.

Niagara Now— news that hits home.

A letter from the editor, featured on the front page of the first edition: 

As the owner and editor of the The Lake Report, I want to introduce myself to new readers. I am an experienced multi-media journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth, as well as telling stories in what I hope to be compelling ways. With a journalism degree and more than 1,000 local news stories under my belt as a reporter for the Niagara region, I consider myself a voice the community can trust. I hope you come to think so as well. 

To our readers, thank you for supporting us. Your readership has allowed us to offer the print edition you have in your hands. 

Sincerely, Richard Harley.

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