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Saturday, July 2, 2022
Horoscope: Spring equinox arrives Sunday and a new astrological year begins

This week, we see a full moon in Virgo and the vernal equinox as the start of spring, 2022.

Thursday, March 17: Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Good news today brings a long-cherished dream closer to fruition. It was March 17, 1908, that Canadian boxer, Tommy Burns, KO’d Ireland’s Jem Roche in the first round.

Friday, March 18: It’s the time of the full moon in Virgo. What happens when we swim into too much Pisces energy? It’s easy to get lost in Pisces’ fertile field of endless possibilities. To balance things out, every Pisces season we have a full moon in the opposite sign of Virgo. Virgo is that part of us that is down to earth, remembers to set the alarm for the morning and makes sure we have enough food in the fridge. If we want to achieve those crazy Piscean dreams, we also need Virgo’s practicality and attention to detail. On this day in 2009, we saw the tragic death of the brilliant actor, Natasha Richardson after a skiing accident in Quebec.

Saturday, March 19: Libra is where the moon is today. Mercury in Aquarius has the most prominent role to play right now, especially as surprising news of a cherished future arrives. Happy birthday to actor Glenn Close as she turns 75.

Sunday, March 20: At 11:33 this morning, spring will arrive. We have the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. No matter where you live on Earth, the day is equal to the night. Zero degrees Aries is the first degree of the zodiac, so the sun’s ingress into Aries also marks the beginning of a new astrological year. This is a great time to press the reset button and start all over again. The upcoming month is also, of course, that time of the year when we celebrate the Aries people in our lives. We all have something to learn from Aries’ boldness and drive. This is a time to “just do it” – to follow our instincts and step outside our comfort zone. If something feels right, it’s time to go for it. Number 4, Bobby Orr, celebrates birthday #74 today.

Monday, March 21: Today, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter. Mercury’s yearly encounter with Jupiter is our opportunity to go BIG in everything that Mercury stands for. If you want to give a speech or a presentation, for example, then your message will be more inspirational and reach more people’s hearts. With Jupiter, of course, there’s also a tendency to exaggerate or over-idealize an idea. Controversial comedian Rosie O’Donnell turns 60 today.

Tuesday, March 22: This is a good day to 1) be on guard for potentially dangerous situations and 2) be ready for some very good news where health or work are concerned. Captain Kirk, aka William Shatner, celebrates birthday number 91.

Wednesday, March 23: Mercury is conjunct Neptune today. If you came up with a great idea when Mercury was conjunct Jupiter, Neptune will help you see even more opportunities. It will open up even more possibilities. Mercury conjunct Neptune is very beneficial for people who have mental blockages or a scarcity mindset because Jupiter’s optimism and Neptune’s idealism reframe thinking and take a more optimistic view of life. Of course, with this transit, we also want to pay attention to exaggerations, wishful thinking, or a tendency to see things for what we want them to be, rather than what they are. The Cars’ Ric Ocasek would be 78 were he still here.

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