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Friday, July 1, 2022
Horoscope: Mercurial Mercury exercises its influence

This week, Mercury leaves Aquarius for Pisces.

Thursday, March 10: Yesterday, Mercury entered Pisces and our thinking, communication and interactions will become more Piscean in nature. Mercury is the “I only believe in what I can see, feel and touch” planet – and so in Pisces. Mercury can have difficulties staying factual and concise. If you want clarity, wait for Mercury to move into Aries later this month. But if you love magic and metaphors, if you thrive in subtlety, if you want to “see” what’s invisible to the eye, then Mercury in Pisces is your transit. Some people, like artists, love the elusive quality of Mercury in Pisces, while people with strong earth or air placements can find it confusing. To make the most of the coming two weeks, immerse yourself into Piscean activities: read, write, watch fantasy movies, keep a dream journal and, most importantly, surrender to Pisces’ mysterious ways. Happy birthday to former prime minister Kim Campbell, born March 10, 1947.

Friday, March 11: The moon moves into her home sign of Cancer today and is met with stressful requests from both Venus and Mars. A deep breath and a fresh perspective are all that’s needed. The announcement of a new pandemic, COVID-19, was made by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

Saturday, March 12: The sun in Pisces and the moon in Cancer are in perfect harmony which may make us all a bit lazy. Minor stresses may be more frustrating than problematic. Canada’s third prime minister was John Abbott, born March 12, 1821.

Sunday, March 13: Today, the sun is conjunct Neptune. Sun-Neptune conjunctions are our opportunity to understand something about ourselves that is difficult to grasp otherwise. Neptune can expose our blind spots, but also our zones of genius. It rules those parts of ourselves we don’t pay attention to, we overlook or we’re just oblivious to. When the sun meets Neptune, it shines a light on what’s otherwise difficult to see. The result? A more well-rounded understanding of yourself and what makes us human. Percival Lowell, the astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto, was born March 13, 1855. I always thought Pluto was named for the Lord of the Underworld. Or Walt Disney’s cartoon dog. But perhaps we should credit Percy Lovell.

Monday, March 14: With the moon in Leo all day, opposite both Mars and Venus, tension is front and centre stage. Do something that encourages pride and watch life come back. It was March 14, 1879, in a small town called Ulm in Germany that Albert Einstein was born.

Tuesday, March 15: No two energies could be more unalike than the moon and Saturn. Today they argue. At its worst, it’s a stalemate. At its best, it’s a clever solution to a stubborn problem. It was March 15, in the year 44 BC, that Julius Caesar was murdered by seven senators on what was known as “the Ides of March.” Greta Thunberg began her protests against climate change on March 15, 2019.

Wednesday, March 10: As we get closer to the full moon on Saturday, the moon, moving into Virgo, offers stress and tension. Relax and breathe – and adapt where you are able. It was March 16, 1985, that the great hockey star, Eddie Shore, died.  

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