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Friday, July 1, 2022
Horoscope: Week has a stressful start but a passionate finish

This coming week we have Valentine’s Day on Monday and a sexy Venus and Mars conjunction two days later.

Thursday, Feb. 10: Stress, stress and more stress is asking us to make use of the flexible moon in Gemini to change something about how we relate to others. Getting it right means getting more good things for everyone – especially you. It was Feb. 10, 1942, that the first gold record was awarded to the Glenn Miller Orchestra for “The Chattanooga Choo Choo.”

Friday, Feb. 11: Today, Mercury is conjunct Pluto. The energy of this transit has been building up for more than two weeks since Mercury turned direct. This final Mercury-Pluto conjunction will come with a much-needed resolution and clarity. The conjunction can be experienced either as an empowering revelation, or as a requirement to surrender to a higher truth that we’ve turned a blind eye to. The “Genius of Menlo Park,” Thomas Edison, was born on Feb. 11, 1847. The phonograph record and the incandescent light bulb were two of his over 1,000 inventions. He was ousted from his own company after losing the battle for market share to Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse.

Saturday, Feb. 12: A sensitive moon in Cancer is in perfect opposition to a hard-nosed Mars in Capricorn, making for stubborn energy where “no' is the word of the day. It was Feb. 12, 2000, that Charles Schultz, cartoonist who created “Peanuts,” died.

Sunday, Feb. 13: It’s a day for reaching into the past and forgiving in order to heal. Whether easy or problematic, conditions are excellent to make best use of who you are today to let go of pain from an earlier day. “Cabaret,” the film starring Liza Minnelli, opened on Feb. 13, 1972.

Monday, Feb. 14: Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s also the day when Mercury re-enters Aquarius. If you experienced some delays or setbacks in the second part of January (from Jan. 14 to 27) you may now find the much-awaited resolution. Waiting can feel frustrating at first, but in retrospect, there’s always a reason we had to put in a bit of extra effort, or wait a bit longer. Good things come to those who wait. It’s not very romantic, but Texas Instruments patented the micro-chip on Feb. 14, 1978.

Tuesday, Feb. 15: A passionate moon in Leo is in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius making for the opposite of Valentine’s Day. Be proud but be prepared to change. Happy birthday to the father of modern astronomy and physics, Galileo, born Feb. 15, 1564, in Pisa, Italy.

Wednesday, Feb. 16: It’s like Valentine’s Day, two days late, with a full moon in Leo to make it even more passionate. It’s the day we see Venus conjunct Mars. This is the peak in the heavenly journey Venus and Mars have undertaken. This is not the end of the story – Venus and Mars will continue to hold hands for a few more weeks. It was 99 years ago today, on Feb. 16, 1923, that Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the boy king, King Tutankhamun and the wonderful objects inside.

Next week we see the change from Aquarius to Pisces and a powerful stellium of planets including Venus, Mars, the moon and Pluto.

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