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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Horoscope: Monday’s full moon helps make everything clear

Thursday, Jan. 13: A flexible moon in Gemini gets a boost from Jupiter in Pisces. It’s a gift that comes with strings attached. Regardless, it is a gift that is worth the effort. Happy Birthday #61 to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the comedian who was Elaine on “Seinfeld” and then starred in “Veep.” She is the 2018 winner of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour.

Friday, Jan. 14: Today, Mercury goes retrograde. Stationary Mercury is square Uranus. There may be some important announcements and revelations about themes connected to the Saturn/Uranus square. The approach to the pandemic may change, there may be some revisions and new perspectives being considered. Since Mercury is retrograde, this may not be the final direction. Mercury goes direct on Feb. 5, 2022. On Jan. 14, 1943, Franklin Delano Roosevelt flew from Washington to Casablanca for a summit to combat Hitler.

Saturday, Jan. 15: As the moon moves into her home sign of Cancer this morning, she sets up a perfect harmony with Jupiter in Pisces, bringing gifts that build security. On this date, 610 years ago, Joan of Arc was born in France. Famous as a hero in a war against Britain, her story, as told by George Bernard Shaw is a favourite at the festival here in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Sunday, Jan. 16: Today, the sun is conjunct Pluto. This is the time to surrender our ego to whatever the deeper Pluto truth requires from us. We not only have this, but also Mercury and Venus all conjunct Pluto from December to early March. There’s a lot of Pluto energy, inviting us to transform at a core level. If you’re still unsure about what all these Venus, Mercury and Pluto transformations exactly require from you, pay attention to anything around Jan. 16. As soon as we surrender to whatever this truth is, the exact thing we’ve been terrified of becomes our greatest ally. It was Jan. 16, 1919, that Prohibition became the law in America.

Monday, Jan. 17: Today, we see a full moon in Cancer. The full moon is opposite Pluto, reinforcing the transformation and renewal themes of this month. If you’ve been feeling the Pluto pressure, but also stuck with no clear options on what’s the next step, the full moon in Cancer will give that outside perspective. Things will suddenly become clear and we will know exactly what we need to do. On Jan. 17, 1922, Betty White was born in Oak Park, Illinois. Her death a few weeks ago was cause for a great outpouring of love and affection.

Tuesday, Jan. 18: Today, Uranus goes direct, so we will have an intensification of Uranian energy. Some sudden changes, announcements, revelations can turn our lives upside down. Since the north node is now in Taurus activating Uranus for the entire year, we’d better get used to Uranus’ liberating energy. Some Uranian-driven changes may come at a shock, but if we’re really honest with ourselves we know that these changes only happen to get us unstuck from situations. It was Jan. 18, 1980, that Pink Floyd’s album, “The Wall” reached number one.

Wednesday, Jan. 19: Today the sun enters Aquarius. 2021 was an intense year for man. Your rulers, Saturn and Uranus have just come out of their third (and final) square so relief will come soon. She is best known as a singer. She’s also a successful actor. And she now is a major philanthropist, giving millions of books to needy children through her Imagination Library. She is Dolly Parton and she turns 76 today.

Next week we see the sun and Mercury together in Aquarius.

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