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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Horoscope: New moon in Sagittarius and total eclipse on horizon

This week we see the new moon in Sagittarius with a total solar eclipse in the early morning of Saturday, Dec. 4.

Thursday, Dec. 2: The moon in Scorpio is friendly to both Venus in Capricorn and also to Mars in Scorpio, which should help calm the waters after a disturbing surprise. Britney Spears was born on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1981. in McComb, Miss. Her birth chart reveals a brilliant talent doomed to a difficult life courtesy of an on-again, off-again retrograde Mercury. Her chart reminds me of Warren Beatty’s. Great promise with years of not much happening and then a huge comeback.

Friday, Dec. 3: A stressful connection between the sun and Uranus likely puts many of us in a corner regarding our long-term goals. Be open to change and hold on for tomorrow’s new moon. Spotify says Drake is now the most successful recording artist with 28 billion downloads of his songs.

Saturday, Dec. 4: Today’s new moon in Sagittarius, eclipsed, promises a rare moment for stepping back and getting a feel for what the cosmos has to offer and for what we want to contribute to that. It’s a great time to take a few days to look at the big picture. With Mercury, the sun and the moon all together, there is cleverness and intuition helping open doors and making the future clear. It was Dec. 4, 1840, that the great Oglala Dakota Chief, Crazy Horse, was born. He went on to defeat Gen. George Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Sunday, Dec. 5: With the moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius, heavenly gifts are likely today. Walt Disney was born Dec. 5, 1901. His father had been very involved in the great Chicago World’s Fair and even though Walt saw himself as an artist, he was also a developer with grandiose ideas for entertaining lots of people.

Monday, Dec. 6: A serious start to the week offers lots of willpower to make life healthier and to make work better as well. It was Dec. 6, 1768, that the Encyclopedia Britannica was first published. In Scotland.

Tuesday, Dec. 7: Lofty ideas and big imagination are in a showdown today. The winner is the one you are most committed to living in the future. It was Dec. 7, 1979, that “Star Trek” became a movie. It starred William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, and was directed by Robert Wise.

Wednesday, Dec. 8: Good news on the health front, on the work front and with travel plans. Perhaps even a return to school. Canada’s 13th Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker, wed Olive Palmer at Park Road Baptist Church on Dec. 8, 1953. He was 58. She was 51.

Next week we see the first quarter moon in Pisces. And more.

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