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Monday, September 26, 2022
Horoscope: Relationships sparkle and simmer starting Saturday

This week, we see the new moon in Scorpio and Mercury entering Scorpio.

Thursday, Nov. 4: A walking contradiction it is to say “today we see the new moon in Scorpio,” because the new moon is never visible. It’s when the sun shines no light on the moon. That means it’s a suitable time to plan accomplishments for the full lunar month ahead. It was Nov. 4, 2008, that Barak Obama became the 44th president of the United States of America.

Friday, Nov. 5: Scorpio is the theme again today as Mercury moves from balancing Libra into mystical, transformative Scorpio. From now through Nov. 24 thinking is deep and uncovering of motives and the mysteries of many things. Including matters of sexuality. Canadian musician Bryan Adams turns 62 today.

Saturday, Nov. 6: Mercury, having just moved into Scorpio, makes a friendly connection with Venus in Capricorn. It may be a few words or a new understanding, but either way both intimate and business relationships sparkle and simmer. Just past his 30th birthday, Canadian teacher James Naismith oversaw the first game of the sport he invented. Basketball’s rules were first set out in time for Christmas 1891. Naismith would be 160 years old today.

Sunday, Nov. 7: Stresses today are focused on our desire for better communication and for deeper truth. Getting these improvements is where the stress comes from. Success is very rewarding. She was born Roberta Joan Anderson on Nov. 7, 1943. We know her as Joni Mitchell. From Fort McLeod, Alta., to Toronto to Laurel Canyon, Calif., she has conquered the world with timeless songs like “Both Sides Now” and many more.

Monday, Nov. 8: With the moon in serious Capricorn, this week begins on a generous, charming and sexy note. Enjoy! Nov. 8, 2020, was a very sad day for millions of TV viewers all over the world. It was the day Alex Trebek died after 36 years hosting the trivia-based game show, “Jeopardy!”.

Tuesday, Nov. 9: The moon is in the same place in the sky as is Pluto this morning. Then there is a blank in the solar system until very late tonight when the moon enters Aquarius. It’s known as a “void of course” moon and is usually interpreted as a good time to not initiate new things. It’s been only one year since Pfizer Pharmaceuticals announced its COVID-19 vaccine was 90 per cent effective after 44,000 phase 3 trials.

Wednesday, Nov. 10: If two days could be more unalike, they would have to be more different than yesterday and today. While Tuesday saw almost no activity in the solar system, today is busy and demanding. In addition to seven lunar aspects, Mercury is square to Saturn in Aquarius and conjoins Mars in Scorpio. News is serious and news is deep. Remember to breathe. Canada’s fourth prime minister, John Thompson, was born Nov. 10, 1845. He served for two years before a heart attack took him from us. He was Canada’s first Roman Catholic PM.

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