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Friday, September 29, 2023
Horoscope: Patience and honesty might keep you sane

This week we see the third quarter moon in Leo and Mars move from balancing Libra into powerful Scorpio.

Thursday, Oct. 28: Things get better as today rolls out. Saturn is supposed to rule Saturday, but today it’s very much in charge until later this afternoon when Jupiter steps in with a gift from the gods. Patience and honesty keep us sane today. Today is also the day of the third quarter moon in Leo. Time to finish what we have started on our monthly wish list. It is said that Scorpios are sexy. Julia Roberts is 54 today. Joaquin Phoenix is 47.

Friday, Oct. 29: Heart and mind grow together as pride drives clever ideas. And good news. Remember Rich Little, the comic impressionist from Ottawa who was a huge draw even on the “Tonight Show”? On Oct. 29, 1994, he married Jeannette Markey, his third wife.

Saturday, Oct. 30: Speaking about taking the necessary action, October saved us the best for last. On Oct. 30, Mars enters its domicile sign, Scorpio. Mars is the planet of action and Scorpio gives it the depth and drive to conduct this Martian impulse to achieve whatever we set our sights on. Go big. Today, in 1869, Canada’s sixth prime minister died. Charles Tupper was only PM for a record 69 days.

Sunday, Oct. 31: Happy Halloween! Tricks with treats are very much on tap today. And not just for young people. All around the world, 103 years ago today, an outbreak that became known as the Spanish Flu began. It killed millions, even in Canada. With no powerful vaccines, masks and distancing were the chosen defence.

Monday, Nov. 1: Clever Mercury in Libra is in perfect harmony with Jupiter in futuristic Aquarius, meaning it is a day to pay attention to ideas. Especially big ideas because they show the best way forward. It was Nov. 1, 1959, that Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante first wore a face mask. And on Nov. 1, 1997, the movie “Titanic” opened. The Oscar-winning film included a best director nod for Chippewa, Ont., native James Cameron.

Tuesday, Nov. 2: It’s serious. Today, I mean. Motivations get in the way of clear thinking and everything looks very serious. Breathe, as this too shall pass. It was Nov. 2, 1950, that the only person ever awarded both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar, died. George Bernard Shaw was 94.

Wednesday, Nov. 3: Mars, newly arrived in Scorpio, is in stress with the karma of the moon in Gemini. It could be very attractive, particularly sexually. It was Nov. 3, 1894, that William George Barker was born. He went on to become the most decorated soldier in all the British Empire during the Second World War.

Next week we see the new moon in Scorpio and Mercury moving into Scorpio.

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