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Horoscope: A lingering stalemate might not soon be resolved

This week is bookended by Jupiter with a financial gift on Thursday and a new moon in Libra on Wednesday.

Thursday, Sept. 30: Drifting, aimless feelings get woken by a connection between good fortune Jupiter in Aquarius with financially secretive Venus in Scorpio. A loan is approved? On Sept. 30, 1960, we saw “The Flintstones” for the first time.

Friday, Oct. 1: Thinking is not easy when deep inside we feel that compromise is not possible. There is a stalemate here that may not be resolved until Mercury turns direct. In fact, likely not until a month from now, around Nov. 1. Happy birthday #97 to the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

Saturday, Oct. 2: It’s a sunny Saturday, at least so far as an important relationship is concerned. This, thanks to a friendly bump to Venus in Scorpio from Pluto in Capricorn. It was Oct. 2, 1902, that Beatrix Potter’s story “Peter Rabbit” was published for the first time.

Sunday, Oct. 3: Here is a day to pay attention to big ideas. These thoughts may also include good news and may be about travel, education, relationships and even spiritual insights – all courtesy of Mercury in Libra in perfect harmony with Jupiter in Aquarius. Happy birthday to Canadian actress Neve Campbell, born Oct. 3, 1973. Her starring roles in the horror film series “Scream” began in 1996 and most recently in 2020.

Monday, Oct. 4: The moon in discriminating Virgo is in harmony with both Uranus in Taurus and with Pluto in Capricorn. Quiet and surprising together? Today this is so. The race for space began on Oct. 4, 1957, with the successful launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik.

Tuesday, Oct. 5: The moon moves from discriminating Virgo into balancing Libra on the day before the new moon in Libra. While memories may bring on tensions, today is a good day to be honest and serious and practical and responsible. On Oct. 5, 1813, the British forces at Chatham were defeated by the Americans. Tecumseh was also killed in this battle.

Wednesday, Oct. 6: There are two very significant events in the sky today. First a new moon at 7:06 this morning. Then, Pluto turns from retrograde to direct motion in the afternoon. So, this new moon sees the sun and moon together in Libra, along with Mars and retrograde Mercury. Yet the ruler of Libra is Venus, now in sultry Scorpio. While so much energy is devoted to this new moon in airy, well-balanced Libra, just below all that is a sexy, secretive Venus. Then, at 2:28 this afternoon, Pluto turns from retrograde to direct. Pluto has been retro since the end of April 2021. If something changed for you back then, today it may come back to play a more outward role for you. Today, Elizabeth Shue, actress most famous for her Oscar-nominated role in “Leaving Las Vegas,” turns 58.

Next week, speedy Venus enters Sagittarius, and Saturn turns from retrograde to direct.

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