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Niagara’s Top Comic returns

The fourth annual Niagara's Top Comic contest kicked off Thursday at Showtime Comedy Club in St. Catharines, with Taylor Grant, Bonez Poley and Drew Hayes advancing to the semi-finals on May 3.

The competition searches for Niagara's funniest amateur comedian while showcasing local up-and-comers.

This year will see 40 local comedians compete, up from 32 last year, as well as six headliners and opening acts.

The shows will be at Showtime Comedy and Entertainment on April 5, 12, 18, 25, with the semi-finals taking place May 3 with headliner Mark Matthews and the grand final on May 10 with headliner Joe Pillitteri.

Last year's winner Patrick Alexander told Niagara Now a bit about what comedy means to him.

“I asked myself one day, what is the one thing you love to do? And the answer was immediate: I feel happiest making people laugh. It is creating joy where there was none before, a small wave of happiness that can unite a room of strangers, break down social and political barriers, transcend differences, and make us all realize life is crazy, but laughing at it helps.”

If you're looking for a laugh, head down and catch a show. All shows start at 8 p.m.

The winning comedian will receive show bookings, $300, the NTC trophy and a feature in The Sound.

Week 1 (April 5)

  • Jade Leo Robertson
  • Lacie Victoria
  • Drew Hayes
  • Tyler Brousseau
  • Taylor Grant
  • Bonez Poley
  • Corey Lees
  • Sarkis Serge Melengitchian
  • Daniel Noyes
  • Mike Soltys
  • Headliner: Patrick Alexander

Week 2 (April 12)

  • Matt Boutros
  • Moustapha Toure
  • Jordan Alexander
  • Ally Dick
  • David Lee Jackson
  • Jake Brennan
  • Danni Grady
  • Josh Davis
  • Robert Maguire
  • Mike Duncan
  • Headliner: Levi Mann

Week 3 (April 18)

  • Mike Manseau
  • Joellasaurus Bolton-South
  • Adam Wickens
  • Tim Patton
  • Edward Burnip
  • Darren Holder
  • Emma-Renee Cann
  • Mitch McBeaudry
  • Adam Grant
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Headliner: Marc Calaguiro

Week 4 (April 25)

  • Elijah O'Leary
  • Sab Powers
  • Ben Dickson
  • Shelby Burse
  • Zachary Shade
  • Mark Andrews
  • Jen Meyers
  • Chris van Stralen
  • Derek Dumele
  • Adam Wolchuk
  • Headliner: Liam Kelly

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