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Niagara band Avenue Inn climbing stairs to success

Members of Niagara-based band Avenue Inn have their sights set on stardom.

This Tuesday, the band will play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto for industry record producers who have worked with top acts like Francesco Yates, Rihanna and One Republic.

Bassist Jake Rose said he thinks the band has a real shot at making an impression, partly because of the music and partly because of the group’s passion.

“I think we just love what we do, and that shows on stage with our instruments,” said Rose. “When we play, that chemistry repels to the audienc. They’re engaged to watch us because of how close we are as a band and as friends, and that really draws you in as a listener.”

Rose describes Avenue Inn’s sound as a mix of Kings of Leon and The Arkells.

“It’s like an edgy rock that still fits the pop genre as well, like things you hear on the radio, like 102.1 The Edge,” he said.

Tuesday's show comes just a month after the band won the Jim Beam Make History Talent Search, which secured them a spot to play at Canadian Music Week in Toronto in May.

For a band who has been together for about eight years, the rush of opportunities is basically a dream come true.

All four band members attended St. Paul Catholic High School in Niagara Falls, forming the band in grade 11. Rose said they starting out like most bands, playing local benefit gigs and bar shows before branching to other cities.

In July, they will release their first official album, kicking off a tour of southern Ontario.

Drummer Isaac Thomson said the album, Tonight, is 10 songs and is a compilation of work the band has done over the years.

Rather than having a defined theme, the album, recorded at Ignition Studio by producer Paul Gigliotti of Wave, reflects the combined experiences of band members. 

“It was more just us self-examining and being a little more aware of what we were doing and sort of just writing about the experiences that got us to this point,” Thomson said.

“All the situations and the things we’ve had to deal with along the way have sort of just accumulated into our music.”

As far as the song-writing, it’s a group effort, said lead singer and guitarist Carlos Lopez.

“We just kinda all bring ideas to the table and we lay everything out and everyone puts their opinion in. There’s really no specific method to it. I think every time we’ve written a song it’s been different.”

Lopez said though the band played plenty of shows out-of-region, though the Tonight album tour will be their first “big run at going city to city.”

Rose said he thinks this year is the year Avenue Inn shows who they really are.

“We’ve really given it our all … and we’re ready to show that to our fans.” 

Avenue Inn's Facebook page can be found at, facebook.com/avenueinnband.

Here is one of their music videos:

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