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Stay Fit NOTL: Flatten (and flatter) your core

Jaclyn Willms

Special to The Lake Report

Your core is the foundation of all your movement — your body’s power, stability and strength comes from your core.

Whether you’re looking to flatten your tummy or relieve low back pain, core exercises are always key. 

Here are four exercises to do at home or at the gym.

1) V-Sit

2) Side Plank

3) Deadbug

4) Plank with toe taps

Get your timers out and do each exercise for 20-30 seconds each for 3 rounds. 

Note: Keep your core braced to make sure your core muscles are engaged and you’re not putting any pressure on your low back. 

For videos on how to perform these stretches correctly visit @niagarafit on instagram.

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